Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; Our Song ♥♥♥

"Our song is the slamming screen door, 
sneakin' out late, tapping on your window.
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow,
'coz it's late and your Mama don't know.
Our song is the way you laugh,
the first date "Man I didn't kiss her when I should have".
And when I got home, 'fore I said Amen,
asking God if He could play it again."


This is the first attempt to insert a YouTube video in my post. Attempt because I am not your usual techie blogger and I honestly did not know how to do it. And why this song you may ask? I say I love Taylor Swift and this is one of my favorite love songs of all time. It is simple, country, fun but very meaningful. The words seemed to be written by a teenage girl who fell in love for the first time. And I do hope that today's post will show John, the best boyfriend in the world, how I am still in love with him just like the first time I saw him. Honey, I know you're reading. I demand you to watch this video and listen to the lyrics. *insert puppy eyes* 

   I have mentioned in my last post that John and I were about to celebrate a post 4th year anniversary date, should the weather permit. I probably should not have said that at all as the rain poured so hard on that very day, leaving me with no other choice but to once again, cancel out and defer the date, much to our dismay. It is disheartening, isn't it, how you are unable to spend that one very special day together. I honestly could not wait to be with him for the rest of my life and do all sorts of extraordinary things while travelling to extraordinary places. Such a fanciful reverie. Oh you know how one can suddenly say the cheesiest of things when you are in love, just like what I am doing at this point. But no regrets here! I had been feeling all giddy and sweet every day since we have passed through the four year mark. I have heard things that when a couple reaches their fourth year, they are bound to end up together. That would be so beautiful.In any manner,I am not trying to deviate too much from the concept of this outfit post, since all those sweetness mentioned above will likewise be evident in this Top and Skirt I wore last Saturday.

      What could be sweeter than a pair of pastel Peach sheer blouse and mesh skirt? Wearing both pieces made me feel like a ballerina princess on off-duty! I was very fortunate and humbled to receive this tulle skirt on my mail a couple of weeks ago. I had been eyeing tulle skirts for quite  some time and just when I thought I could no longer find the piece that would make my heart flutter, Moca Apparel sent me one! Imagine my thrill when I opened my package, I was extremely happy. The skirt is perfect for all sorts of occasions such as romantic dates and weddings. Why, I could even think of a sporty ensemble wearing this! You may be thinking at first that you can only flaunt this during formal events but honestly, this is very versatile. Don't let its pastel shade and tulle material fool you. It can give any outfit that extra punch of sweetness and fun! Go and check out  Moca Apparel's page, you can find them on either Instagram or Facebook. They still have this skirt available in various colors such as White, Black and Gray. They also have the very popular dolphin shorts in such young and playful prints!

 After watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I have thought of going to ROC for lunch. It is my top-of-mind go-to restaurant if I was in the mood for coziness and such. Unfortunately though, there was an event being held at the place, and we didn't want to spend an Al Fresco lunch in a searing 2 PM heat. So we headed back to the mall and ended up eating at The Chophouse. It was still cozy and is definitely one of our favorites. I regret not being able to finish my meal though as I had a heavy meal while watching the movie. *sigh*


So please leave some love and tell me what you think of this post. I would love to hear from you!

Top ; The Landmark
Skirt ; Moca Apparel
Bag ; The Landmark
Sandals ; Mario D' Boro
Accessories ; Flea Market

Love Lots,

Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; Of Heavy Rains, Long Due Rest and Peach Dresses ♥

"Anyone who thinks that Sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the Rain"
~ Anonymous

As it is this time of the year in the Philippines when you can almost no longer see the sun rise, and only dark clouds and heavy rains can be seen or heard, one can only wish to stay indoors, in bed, reading a good book while drinking a cup of tea. That would be quite dreamy, for me at least. How I wanted that kind of scenario! But no, despite the strong winds that can almost lift me off the ground, and I would be completely drenched in my corporate clothes, smelling like a bag of salt, I had no other options but to just open a huge umbrella, tread through the flooded streets while praying intently that I do not get myself Leptospirosis. Today, I am on day-off which is great since, aside from the fact that there is again a heavy downpour, I will finally get myself a much needed rest. I see that I will be sleeping the entire afternoon, or perhaps play my favorite Google games. Probably anything that could ultimately take my mind off from work, as these past few days had taken its toll on me. I will be taking the most out of this day and hopefully, tomorrow, the rains will stop as John and I will be going out to spend a post-Fourth Year Anniversary date. Such random things to say actually and pardon me, my mind has been locked out and set up on one thing: REST. So I'm leaving you guys with this simple outfit post, which was due a few months back. These photos had been in my files for far too long, my hair was still very short if you will notice. If you can recognize this peach mini dress as well, it was included in this post. I have mentioned previously that I would most likely be selling this since it was quite short, then again, I had a change of heart. I kept it and will just think of other ways on how to wear this piece. I guess that would be all for now. Leave a comment below if you liked it!

Dress ; Virtual Styleish
Accessories ; AI Fashion
Wedges ; Vivienne WestWood

Love Lots,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; Pretty in Pink ♥

"I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck"
~ Emma Goldman

As I child, I had always adored clothes. I would rummage through my mom's closet and put on all her blouses and dresses,  which were then far too big for my skinny frame. I wore her heels and paint colors on my lids with frosted Purple and Gold. I had worn smokey eyes even before I have heard about what it was. I loved pretending to be a fairy princess, staring at myself on the life-sized mirror. I imagined myself a beautiful young lady with long golden locks, brushing curly strands which will never grow on my head. 
I had always been that kind of a girl.

Although a few years in High School and College tentatively made me veer away from all things frilly and fancy, I kept coming back to my roots. My closet is once again starting to be filled in all hues of Pink, baby Pink, Hot Pink, Pomelo, Salmon etc. Also, all my pending orders were dresses and skirts in lace, mesh and pastels. Though nearing 28 in a few months, I guess I can never leave alone this little girl in me. What do you girls think? :)

Skater Dress ; Green Dot Shop

Love Lots,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Splurge VS Save Campaign: Bags Edition ♥

Hello from rainy Manila! I hope everyone is doing great, unlike me who is so fortunately on a week-long vacation but is gloomily stuck at home because of the typhoon. Anyway, that gives me ample time to post this long overdue challenge from the Credit Card Insider! On July first, I was contacted by Erin Ballard to participate in their Splurge VS Save Challenge, to which I readily said Yes! I love this kind of campaigns, especially that my current motto is "Frugality is the best policy", lol! If you would notice, probably 50% of all the outfits I've worn in this blog came from thrift stores. I love everything cheap, price-wise of course. With all the years I had been bargain hunting, I've already mastered the art of thrifting. So here are my picks for the challenge:

1. ) Nude Patent Bag
I had been scouting Nude patent bags for weeks and the only site I've been checking was www.shopstyle.com. I could only drool at the photos and sadly look into my purse and found none. lol! This Mango Quilted Patent Tote here caught my fancy,  I was so heartbroken that I couldn't afford it, not until we went to The Landmark Department Store and I was swimming in an ocean of locally made bags! Check this out:

Not only was the price so overwhelmingly cheap, I loved it! It was so pretty and roomy and I love its Nude shade better than the expensive one. Savings: Php 1,800.00 or $39.13.

2.) Red Quilted bag
Who doesn't love quilted bags? Quilts are too gorgeous and elegant to ignore, especially when you think of the classic Chanel bag. But I can never ever afford that even in my dreams so she's out of the picture. I thought I could settle for the "less expensive" Michael Kors Fulton Red Quilt Tote here. But still, NO. I was thinking of skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner to save money to get that tote (just kidding lol), and good thing I didn't because I spotted myself probably the best-est ever thrift find of my life. Check out below:

Could you believe that? I was randomly browsing clothes at a thrift store when my eyes suddenly went to this weird little red quilt underneath a pile of other bags. My feet brought me unconsciously onto that pile and the next thing I knew, I was at the counter already lol! Savings: Php 24,333.00 or $528.97!!!

So there you have it! I know the post is kind of short and I really wanted to share more. However, my camera broke down so I got to have it fixed first. With or without invites, I will definitely be including this segment from now on. Not only did I enjoy the challenge, it was a fun, learning experience for me as well, and I hope I inspired my dear readers to go thrifting too! Just look at all those savings, I can even get myself a new phone! Let me know what you think!

Love Lots,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[Outfit Post] : Fluid Lines ♥

This halter top and angled skirt Terno had been in my pile of yet-to-be-opened packages inside my closet for, say, a couple of months perhaps. I had been purchasing clothes after clothes and still I get bothered thinking: "I have nothing to wear for blah blah's wedding" so on and so forth. Nevertheless, when I had discovered that one of the corners of our living room has a potential to be my new "studio" for my succeeding photo-ops, this Terno was the first thing that came into mind. Our current living room curtains are Silk Lavender and hot Pink, which is perfect for the color scheme in this ensemble.  The outfit has finally found its way to the spotlight ♥

By way, here's our living room-turned-pseudo bedroom! Isn't it adorable?  ♥

As I have mentioned, I blend well with the background don't I? I have seen similar fluid designs a while back, especially in LookBook where most bloggers who are sponsored by shopping sites wear them almost all at the same time. I had seen it mostly on leggings though. Of course I had wanted to be a part of the trend but then, just seeing all the others wear them everywhere, I grew tired of it. Nonetheless, when one of my favorite online shops displayed this ensemble on sale, there was no more hesitation. And what's good was it came in a fabulous pair! A cropped halter top and a mini angled skirt. I placed the order immediately, in fear of losing it lol!

I am more into halter tops because it brings out the broadness of my shoulders. These are actually my second favorite part of my body next to my legs. My mom said my shoulders are sexy so I always tend to look for pieces that complement my built.

So what do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts :)

Halter Top and Skirt ; Ifassion HighFashion
Cardigan ; Random
Shoes ; Boccalo

Love Lots,

Thursday, June 26, 2014

[Outfit Post ]; Of Webs, Knits and Teddy Bears ♥

I was watching one of my favorite YouTube fashion and beauty gurus Meghan Rosette a few nights ago in her occasional TMI (Too Much Information?) Tag videos. One of the questions she answered was about her age and to which she answered "20, turning 21 on August" blah blah and added "I'm a grandma" *rolls eyes*. I paused the video for a brief moment as I just couldn't believe what I heard. 21 years old and she calls herself a grandma? lol. And here I am just another half a year before I turn 28 years old and still dressing up like a teeny bopper.

I definitely don't want to look like I'm a trying hard, aging, has-been but I honestly feel bubbly and confident when I dress up younger than my age. Who says you can't wear chiffon skirts or socks in heels when you're nearing 30? You can't deny aging but you can't deny yourself as well with the outfits you want to wear just because of judging eyes. :p Anyway, onto this outfit I'm wearing:

I had been scouting Instagram for this so-called Kim Chiu Web top for weeks! A little trivia for those who have no idea, this web/caged top is actually inspired by the one one Kim Chiu, a Philippine actress, wore in the movie Bride for Rent (an image of the original piece in this link). As soon as the movie was released, so did this Web Top in the local online market. It is not "too webbed nor caged" compared to this one, since this was my idea of a caged top. But still, the design may be simple but it looks sexy when worn. Thanks to my newly discovered IG shop Frugalista Shop, I found the perfect Kim Top in the color I am obsessed with: Powder Blue is love ♥.

Did any of you notice that I'm wearing the same color scheme as in this post? Lavender, Pink and Blue is a perfect mix of sweet and dainty! Only the colors here are more subtle, since I am so into pastels right now. I am also loving this pretty Lavender cardigan that I got on sale for only 5 Dollars! The color and the length, plus it's knitted which is what today's weather calls for! Cuddle Weather, so to speak.

What do you think guys? Did you like this too? I hope you did! Have a nice day or night ahead! :) Ciao~

Kim Caged Cropped Top ; Frugalista Shop
Chiffon Skorts ; AI Fashion
Accessories ; AI Fashion
Cardigan ; The Landmark

Love Lots,