Thursday, August 8, 2013

Style Files: Nicole Jung of KARA

In order to make up for my lack of outfit posts, I decided to come up with a segment that will primarily focus on my fashion heroines' styles that has largely influenced my personal wardrobe. I, being a pure-blooded Asian style junkie, would love to show and share to the Fashion blogosphere the versatility and beauty of Asian Fashion.

Not too long ago when Korean Street Fashion came into the scene propelled by the spread of South Korean music, mainly K-Pop, and K-dramas around South East Asian countries. I, being an overzealous fan of the "sweet and sassy", ultra feminine fashion, I was immediately hooked and dragged into their realm made of lace, pearls and digipermed golden hair.

Starting off this segment is this overly adorable 21 year old, (now) black-haired singer/dancer of K-Pop Girl Group KARA: Nicole Jung.

I've been listening to the music of 2ne1 and SNSD (Girls Generation) but it was quite recently that I have heard of KARA. Thanks to my brother, who is head over heels in love with Nicole, I've met this girl whose style would, surprisingly, eventually come conquering my own closet! What I first noticed about Nicole Jung, is that she dyes her hair into different colors frequently. I recall seeing her first time in a variety show and her hair was brown. I saw her again some time after and she was all blonde, and now, as mentioned, she went back to black locks. The thing is, regardless of her hair color, it will definitely suit her face and everything just looks good on her! 

Perhaps that would be the best description I can think about her look and style: Versatile. In most of her concerts, she wears those hot pants and cropped tops, plus those sexy dance moves, she definitely can look one sultry vixen. But after she changes her wardrobe and goes back to her normal self, she looks like such a sweet teenie bopper! Between those 2 styles, however, I remain faithful to the all feminine get up. I'm sure most of you, if not all, would agree that we girls are all about romanticism and sugary things, hence our love for everything lacey, pastels, tulle and such. Korean Fashion is definitely about those things which I believe, Nicole effortlessly pulls off every time.

I definitely love the way she accessorizes too! I also try to be a minimalist with clothes at times and tend to maximize on accessories to still make a statement. 

arm party!!
There you have it. I guess I need to learn a lot more about fashion reviewing. Thanks for taking time to read though! 

If I got you curious somehow and would love to know more about KARA, you can visit their official website at!

Let me know your thoughts!

Ciao gals!