Thursday, June 26, 2014

[Outfit Post ]; Of Webs, Knits and Teddy Bears ♥

I was watching one of my favorite YouTube fashion and beauty gurus Meghan Rosette a few nights ago in her occasional TMI (Too Much Information?) Tag videos. One of the questions she answered was about her age and to which she answered "20, turning 21 on August" blah blah and added "I'm a grandma" *rolls eyes*. I paused the video for a brief moment as I just couldn't believe what I heard. 21 years old and she calls herself a grandma? lol. And here I am just another half a year before I turn 28 years old and still dressing up like a teeny bopper.

I definitely don't want to look like I'm a trying hard, aging, has-been but I honestly feel bubbly and confident when I dress up younger than my age. Who says you can't wear chiffon skirts or socks in heels when you're nearing 30? You can't deny aging but you can't deny yourself as well with the outfits you want to wear just because of judging eyes. :p Anyway, onto this outfit I'm wearing:

I had been scouting Instagram for this so-called Kim Chiu Web top for weeks! A little trivia for those who have no idea, this web/caged top is actually inspired by the one one Kim Chiu, a Philippine actress, wore in the movie Bride for Rent (an image of the original piece in this link). As soon as the movie was released, so did this Web Top in the local online market. It is not "too webbed nor caged" compared to this one, since this was my idea of a caged top. But still, the design may be simple but it looks sexy when worn. Thanks to my newly discovered IG shop Frugalista Shop, I found the perfect Kim Top in the color I am obsessed with: Powder Blue is love ♥.

Did any of you notice that I'm wearing the same color scheme as in this post? Lavender, Pink and Blue is a perfect mix of sweet and dainty! Only the colors here are more subtle, since I am so into pastels right now. I am also loving this pretty Lavender cardigan that I got on sale for only 5 Dollars! The color and the length, plus it's knitted which is what today's weather calls for! Cuddle Weather, so to speak.

What do you think guys? Did you like this too? I hope you did! Have a nice day or night ahead! :) Ciao~

Kim Caged Cropped Top ; Frugalista Shop
Chiffon Skorts ; AI Fashion
Accessories ; AI Fashion
Cardigan ; The Landmark

Love Lots,