Friday, February 21, 2014

Outfit Post: My Boyfriend's Birthday :">

Hi gals! How are you all doing? I am back with a new post after another whole week of MIA. So much for my new year's resolution to blog at least twice every week lol Anyway, boyfriend John celebrated his birthday 2 weeks ago. We used to always go somewhere during his birthday but for this year, we decided to have a simple celebration in the coziness of his own home. And because he lives in the mountainous San Mateo, Rizal, I opted to wear flats for comfortable trekking in the slopes. Still I "dressed up" for the occasion with a ruffled top and printed midi circle skirt. If you could not think of what outfit to wear on your boyfriend's birthday, this ensemble can actually do the trick. If the event is semi-formal, you can just put on a blazer and white heels! What do you think?  

Ruffled top ; thrifted
Skirt ; Zipora Clothing
Sandals ; random

Love and Kisses!

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