Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Haven Gone

We do not remember days,
We remember Memories...

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us...

I began this post with somewhat solemn and gloomy quotes. Quotes on moments, memories, those unforgettable ones, forever etched even at the deepest core of your head. You might think I am onto something quite serious here. Truly, for me, it is indeed serious. But for those who read what eventually lies on the lines of this post, perhaps you wouldn't really understand.

I hadn't even totally moved on from the devastating fire that conquered the Ever Gotesco Grand Central Mall in Caloocan City last May 2012, I heard yet another bad news that Tutuban Mall was on fire. You know the feeling like your head had swollen and tiny pricking needles are etched on your entire skin? I felt like my eyes wanted to bulge out of my sockets and my mouth was practically on the floor. 

Denial. Disbelief. Whatever. 
I cried. I cried hard. 

Grand Central Mall was my childhood mall. From my elementary to high school to college and to then-present days, next to my home and our office, this has been like a third home. Whenever I take the LRT, this is where I took and drop off. I've met a lot of strangers that I made friends with in here. Oh and my favorite, the Department Store. Fabulous stuff at fabulously low prices. Honestly, this was where I bought most of my Birthday clothes, Christmas Clothes and almost-all occasion clothes. I love the huge ukay-ukays and tiangges. I know the pasikot-sikot of this mall like the back of my hand. I'll never get lost in here, or I can loose myself in it because it felt like home. I told myself, no matter how many huge and extravagant SM and Ayala malls lined up the Metropolis, I knew I would always find myself going back to this old, falling apart and dull-looking mall that had been in Monumento since I was a baby. It's probably even older than me. Then she was gone. Somebody killed her.

It felt like a lot of my memories had gone into the Pyre as well. Whenever I had the craving to buy a dress or a bag, my feet automatically runs for her. And when I felt like it now, I'll just realize that I have nowhere to go. Then I would think that there's still Tutuban Mall. Another Go To place for me. I believe it's everybody's shopping mecca anyway. I'm not as frequent to Tutuban as I was with Grand Central due to proximity. But I make sure that everytime I go, I hoard! like a lot. I buy my fabrics there and wigs, I leaned how to haggle at the best possible discount. It feels paradise-like. The clothes are absolutely up to date. and what do you know? Somebody killed her as well, just this Monday.

Now I really don't know what to think. I have made a lot of "suki" from Tutuban and I just can't imagine that all those stores, those beautiful fabrics, the RTWs, the accessories, the shoes, all of it, destroyed. Now I can say there's really no more place for me to go. I'll be honest, I don't shop at malls. I couldn't find the practicality in it. I guess I don't really have a choice do I? I felt so stuck. I wanted to go somewhere, buy something, but I can't. I can just look at the stuff I got from there and know that I can't go back there again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anyone As Guilty As Me?

Who's guilty here? Raise your left foot! :D

Hot On My List: Bustier Tops and Kimono Jackets

Whenever I attend Fashion bazaars, corset/bustier tops and dresses are staples in every stall's collection. It's definitely hot in every shopper's eye, and a must have in every shopping basket. Corsets/Bustiers make you feel and look sexy and chic, especially those which have studs and metals. Screams edgy! I'm not immune to this trend's allure as well, and I'm not planning to deny myself with that. I currently have one corset and one midriff bustier top in my wardrobe and I've just placed an order for another floral bustier top. I'm very excited to get the new one. I fell in love with the floral design and the structure. What do you think? :p

I'll probably wear this with my light blue skinnies, pastel yellow blazer and nude wedges. Feels summery! Why not? :p It can also go with a mullet skirt and heels. Gah! I can't wait to get this. 

Second to my list is the super cute and boho-ish Kimono jackets. Being the geek cosplayer/Japanese wannabe that I am, it would be such a shame if I don't own one! Also, I'm such a sucker for everything sheer with abstract/graphic designs. I know both bustier tops and the Kimono jackets are perfect get ups for Summer, how ironic that I'm blogging about them during the rainy season :p Anyway, Kimono Jackets are probably an instant "go to" option for girls of all body types. Whatever your size is, it will surely flatter your body with its featherweight fabric and flowy frame. Some particular pieces I've seen over the net:

Effortlessly stylish. I'm gonna get one soon! :D

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Geek Alert: Cosplay

I am a Geek. My world revolves around music, anime and literature, these things are of course, next to dressing up. I guess that's evident in my blog title. I just added up the word fabulous coz I am. LOL xp A few days ago, I found myself in deep thought after I've realized that the annual Cosplay Mania is to be held at the end of this month. This event is one, if not the most anticipated cosplay event of the year. I have always prepared my costumes months before the event and unfortunately, each time this particular event is at hand, I always end up getting sick or something's just coming up. This year, I've sworn to attend this by hook or by crook. I even filed for a three day leave from work especially for this event.

When I celebrated my 25th birthday last December, I was more than driven to continue cosplaying despite the fact that I'm really getting old for this stuff. But then, I love anime and I love cosplaying. I love making costumes and projecting as my favorite characters. I love the smiles on the little kids' face whenever they come up to me, asking for a photo with me. I loved what I do, simply that. 

Now here lies my problem. Reality begins to sink into my skin. Yes, I am getting old for this hobby. I'm nearly going on to 26 years old and somehow, I know that my fervor for cosplaying is slowly fading away. My preferences are , in a way, evolving into more sincere, matured and extensive areas of societal norms. I was thinking if I'm just going through a delayed identity crisis lol That would be far too delayed in that case. Of course, my heart still has a huge space only for Anime/Cosplay. I guess I just wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and explore something more realistic but fun. It pains me though as I've always thought I would never get tired of this thing that has fueled me up for the longest time. It is very, unlikely, that I used to think I fell in love with anime characters and I didn't want to have anything to do outside the Japanese world inside my head. But here it is, it's in my face. One way or another, I knew I have to accept the fact that this is where it all ends for me.

I would like to share to you in this post a showcase of all the cosplays I've done. They were not that extravagant and not too many. Since I don't always have the time to attend the events and do photoshoots. I'm a far cry from the likes of Alodia Gosiengfiao or Myrtle when it comes to cosplay but then, it's not all about the grandness of the costumes right? :)

See how my Amane Misa Cosplay evolved :)

Ozine Fest 2010

The Best of Anime 2010

I guess this is my best Misa Cosplay attempt lol
didn't wear this to any event. photo edited by my friend Maggie Lising :)
one of my fave cosplay events ever! :)
Cosplay Facebook Face Off 2011
another original cosplay: Samurai
4th Philippine Cosplay Convention
my first and last cosplay with my BFF Shane! and the most memorable too :)
Ozine Fest 2011

Ana Kyoyama cosplay: Pinoy Otaku Encore 2011

Ozine Fest 2012
Msyu cosplay
the last cosplay I did :(
another random cosplay: Goth school girl
this isn't cosplay :p this was just a random Japanese-inspired fashion
Metro Comic Con 2010
There. Posted everything I did. As I've mentioned, there's nothing much to expect but all these cosplays/costrips are very, very unforgettable and special to me. Perhaps, if I had done this when I was younger, I would've enjoyed the journey more, got more memories to capture on a photo and share to the world what I love doing the most. It's sad that, when I was younger, I didn't have the means to do the things I really wanted. Time, funds, energy were of too much value and I let all these get off of my hands. But I know there's nothing I can do about it anymore. I am just utterly grateful that I still got the chance to experience cosplaying, even for a short time :)