Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[Outfit Post] : Fluid Lines ♥

This halter top and angled skirt Terno had been in my pile of yet-to-be-opened packages inside my closet for, say, a couple of months perhaps. I had been purchasing clothes after clothes and still I get bothered thinking: "I have nothing to wear for blah blah's wedding" so on and so forth. Nevertheless, when I had discovered that one of the corners of our living room has a potential to be my new "studio" for my succeeding photo-ops, this Terno was the first thing that came into mind. Our current living room curtains are Silk Lavender and hot Pink, which is perfect for the color scheme in this ensemble.  The outfit has finally found its way to the spotlight ♥

By way, here's our living room-turned-pseudo bedroom! Isn't it adorable?  ♥

As I have mentioned, I blend well with the background don't I? I have seen similar fluid designs a while back, especially in LookBook where most bloggers who are sponsored by shopping sites wear them almost all at the same time. I had seen it mostly on leggings though. Of course I had wanted to be a part of the trend but then, just seeing all the others wear them everywhere, I grew tired of it. Nonetheless, when one of my favorite online shops displayed this ensemble on sale, there was no more hesitation. And what's good was it came in a fabulous pair! A cropped halter top and a mini angled skirt. I placed the order immediately, in fear of losing it lol!

I am more into halter tops because it brings out the broadness of my shoulders. These are actually my second favorite part of my body next to my legs. My mom said my shoulders are sexy so I always tend to look for pieces that complement my built.

So what do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts :)

Halter Top and Skirt ; Ifassion HighFashion
Cardigan ; Random
Shoes ; Boccalo

Love Lots,