Friday, October 25, 2013

[Outfit Post] : High Contrast

“the late afternoon sunlight, warm as oil, sweet as childhood ...” 
― Stephen King, Carrie

- Photo heavy post below-

I used to love watching Horror films when I was younger. I've read all sorts of Goosebumps books and Ghosts on Fear Street and once dreamed of becoming a witch haha. All those creepy stuff I used to love are all but gone as I grew older. Now, the sight of blood even makes me nauseous lol. Yesterday though, when bff Shane and I went out, I suggested to watch the Stephen King movie re-make "Carrie". Perhaps the Halloween fever is rubbing off on me. I actually liked the movie  except that I had my eyes closed throughout the murder scenes haha! Anyway, here's what we wore yesterday:

top ; random
blazer ; Wearables Co
shorts and shoes ; The Landmark
bag ; SM Bags
sunnies ; The Landmark

And here's Shane's outfit, sooo black!!! The contrast in our styles now is very evident. We used to dress up as punks way back but then I've eventually learned to love neons and prints while Shane was as faithful as ever to the saying that "Black is sexy'' :p

We also tried some creepy shots lol. All levels of crazy when we're together xp

And even crazier at Pancake House haha!

Hope you guys have a happy Halloween!!!! :D

Ciao ^^
Lotsa Love,