Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[Outfit Post] : The Year That Was

The year 2013 was a culmination of all things joyous and disastrous for me. A year that I will most certainly relive in my memories over and over. There had been tough times, too tough that there were moments you felt un-grasping that hold on anything you hoped for. Too many days darkened with fear, confusion, uncertainties and regrets. But there are people who stood unyielding behind my back, pushing me back to where I should stand. My family, my friends, my love, they are the source of my light. They paint colors to any bland canvass that was my life. And there is God, my forever Fortress. Thank you very much 2013! You are one of the most unforgettable.

I am quite grateful as well that 2013 was the year for this blog. I met new friends and it opened new opportunities for me to rediscover myself, my passion. Looking back at all these outfits I've posted, it makes me realize how far I have gone. So thank you everyone. I mean it from the bottom of my heart :-) 

Once again, Happy new year loves! God bless us all :-) 


Monday, December 30, 2013

[Outfit Post]: Advance Happy New Year!!

Good day everyone! Today is December 31 already here in the Philippines and we are just a few hours away from welcoming the year 2014. It is quite surprising, in a good way though, that I very seldom hear firecrackers in our neighborhood lately. Normally you would hear super loud "ka-BOOM!!" and "BLAAM!!" right after Christmas, at every corner of the streets. It's really quiet today hmm.. I liked it! Lol

So anyway, this was what I wore yesterday. I anticipated that the malls would still be crowded and hot for that matter, so good thing I opted to wear something breezy and comfortable, and of course, colorful! The typical Fabulous Geek-kinda outfit ;p Oh my gosh, this makes it my last #OOTD for 2013! 

Top ; AI Fashion
Accessories ; AI Fashion
Pants and Sandals ; The Landmark
Bag ; Heiress' Crown

Photos by this sexy guy here:
John Erick Basilan

I sincerely hope that we will all have a wonderful year ahead overflowing with blessings of health, love, fortune and clothes lol. Enjoy the countdown and fireworks display everyone!