Monday, April 4, 2016

[Skin Care] ; 2nd Althea Beauty Box and My 10-Step Skin Care Routine

I'm getting married on October, and that is just six months around the corner. This means that I barely have half a year to make a drastic make-over on my pimple-stricken face. I am aware it is partly mostly my fault for neglecting my skin for the longest time, and now I have no choice but to stash out a huge sum and get all possible, quick treatment skin care products out in the market. 

In my last post, I got my first beauty box from Althea Korea. And because I was the skeptical-at-first-buy type of customer, I only bought 4 items (which I regretted later on). I eventually realized that this set wouldn't do me that much good. I had been following a basic skin care regimen for a few months now, and by basic I meant cleanse-tone-moisturize. I have bought and tried several local organic brands and none of which really made a prominent change in my complexion. I thought it's about time I venture in that tedious 10-step Korean skin care regimen that I had been reading over the net for a while now. Well drastic means drastic and I have not much time left. Without a moment's hesitation, I filled my shopping bag with all the products left unchecked in that 10-step regimen. For the benefit of those who didn't know, these are the "basics" of their regimen:

1. Pre-cleanse
2. Cleanse
3. Exfoliate
4. Tone / refresh
5. Essense
6. Serums / ampoules
7. Sheet mask
8. Eye Cream
9. Moisturize
10. Night Cream

I mentioned basics as not one from this list should be left out. The Korean skin care regimen can extend to as many as 11 to 17 steps, although I don't think I have to go that far. My first box already comprised of the Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize, leaving me with 7 more steps. I actually did not buy any sheet mask for the reason that it broke me out when I tried it on once and since the primary purpose of it is for additional moisture plus the benefits of the Essence, I decided to untick it out of the list. So anyway, here are the contents of my second box:

same box but smaller

L-R: Essence, Night Cream, Serum, Foaming Cleanser,
Eye Cream, Exfoliator

So here is an infographic on my own routine. I was not able to follow the regimen religiously, hence the lack of the pre-cleanse and sheet mask per se, plus the inclusion of a non-Korean Product (Celeteque). I do have a Pre-cleanse step but I had just emptied my Bench Tea Tree make-up removal wipes hence its absence in this photo below. Basically, the Korean pre-cleanse step refers to oil-cleansers in order to remove the make up but I have yet to get one for myself. In the meantime, I am using Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser which I wipe off with a napkin after massaging it into my face for about 5 minutes. So as not to confuse, I have listed in the left corner the standard 10-Step Korean Skin Care while I have enumerated the products included in my own routine.

My Korean Inspired Skin Care Routine:

< Pre-Cleanse with Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser >
2. Exfoliate with Skin Food Black Sugar Mask.
4. Serums/Ampoule. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Since I have occasional break outs, I use the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as my pimple treatment because I have read the benefits of Aloe Vera to your skin. I put a bead-size aloe to my pimples and leave them overnight. At times, I use the aloe as body moisturizer or in my underarms after I shaved. You can place it in the fridge for cooler and more soothing effect. 

I have been following this regimen for 2 weeks religiously and I must say, I can already see changes. I have recently stopped using my cake foundation (which I have used since forever) and just wear the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder and flaunt an almost-bare face all day. I never thought I'd see the day when I say bye bye foundation. *tears*

How about sharing your skin care regimen? Or perhaps you may want to suggest products that I could try out. Oily to combination skin type here! Hehe Ciao!~

Love Lots,

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