Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Skin Care] Glam Works Body Scrub Review + Zen Zest Raspberries Collection

"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, 
it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty"
~Coco Chanel

My love for Beauty and Body care products was a whirlwind romance. Obsession might be a more accurate way to put it as I suddenly found myself spending an entire day looking for online stores (because I'm too lazy to go to the mall) that sold organic products, registering on one website after the other, comparing products, semi-deciding, comparing again and adding to wishlists for the verdict the following day. I was astounded, to be honest, at the countless variants and scents of body scrubs/washes/butters that for so long I had no idea about. Though enthralled as I am, I was still reluctant to get one right off from the online shelves. This made me conclude that I had to purchase from an established store in the meantime to somehow satiate my cravings and put my hesitations to rest.

Last week, my friends and I dropped by at a Watson's branch in Makati, which was around the corner of our office building. I went straight to the Body scrub section and grabbed a familiar brand: Glam Works. I have first learned about this brand when an officemate gifted me with one last Christmas. Truth be told, I don't use scrubs. I was safely stuck with my soap and water regimen for both my face and body for the longest time because I have super sensitive skin and I easily break out into pimples and develop rashes all over my body. I did make use of this scrub after a few months just to give it a try. 

Since I had been using this product for several months now and my bottle is almost empty, I guess it's rightful and just to share to you my thoughts on this product in terms of the following:


I fell in love with the luscious scent the moment I opened the lid. It was a bit strong that it filled the bathroom even before I lathered it on my skin. I'm a sucker for anything sweet and I Iove avocados too. Although the scent wasn't anything like Avocado. It smelt more of candies, which I liked as well.


The scrub came in an easily squeezable, flip-top lid bottle, unlike other scrubs which came in tubs, like The Body Shop's Body Scrubs which I was lusting over last weekend. I've read somewhere that the latter type of packaging is extremely prone to bacteria. So this makes it a plus for Glamworks Scrubs. 


It was creamy though it was more on the runny side so I had to quickly lather it onto my skin else it would drip onto the bathroom floor. What I liked about it was the Aloe Vera extracts and mild exfoliating beads, which leaves my skin extremely soft and supple and fragrant too. Still, I would have preferred a scrub with a thicker formula.


Glam Works Body Scrub is exclusively distributed by Watson's Philippines so you can buy this product at just about any SM Malls or Watson's branches near your area.


Since the Avocado scrub was given as a gift, I had no idea of the pricing until I went to Watson's myself to get a new bottle. It was priced at around Php 140.00 to Php 150.00, I couldn't recall exactly as I already lost the receipt. For 354 ML, this product is definitely a good buy. Watson's own line of body scrubs was smaller, around 320 ML but was more expensive than Glam Works. I am definitely one to go for both quantity and quality.

Will I Buy it Again?  

I just did, in Raspberry scent this time. 

Right after I bought the Glam Works Raspberry Scrub, I had this notion at the back of my head that I need to get more skin care products to complete my regimen. So when my family and I went to SM Marilao last Sunday and came by a stall of Zen Zest, my feet automatically dragged me to it and scouted their products which were grouped into scents: Cherry Blossom, Cotton Flower, Honey Dew Lemon, Spring Bouquet, Vanilla Cream and Raspberry. I took a whiff of everything without looking at the scents indicated in their labels. Well surprise surprise! I ended up choosing the Raspberry Body Wash, Body Spray and Hand Sanitizer. Here is my happy little Raspberry family    

I will probably write another review on my Berry family when I'm finished with them. I've been using the Body Wash for three days now and I'm loving it so far! 

At this time, I'm waiting for a package of another set of skin care products. I made a little haul at the Human Heart Nature online store where everything is almost 100% organic! I can't wait to try them all and share my experience after a month or two.

Apologies on this huge block of text. Apparently, I missed blogging so much and my lovely readers too! I'ma take a happy bath time for now and will be on my way to a date with my best friend. Chiao!~

Love Lots,


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  3. been meaning tor try ZenZest Body care set. Honeydew melon one! :D

  4. Sounds like great brand, I'd love to try this body scrub out, it had to smell beautifully <3


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