Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A FabGeek's Wishlist

Ironic as it may seem, but I, a wannabe style blogger, have a lot and I mean a LOOOOTTT of clothes and trends that are missing in my closet. When you say fashion blogger, technically, the first thing that comes to mind is the What's Hot Now clothes on your every post. Up to Date and trendy, which is so not me lol. The nerve of me to blog about fashion :p Pardon me for spamming you with ensembles which may appear as "huh? is that the trend today?". I know it's not, my apologies. I just wanted to share with you my heart for dressing up and I think, that's what fashion is all about right? Wearing your clothes and feeling beautiful and proud because of it. Nevertheless, here's my little wishlist. If you have a big big heart, you can donate some haha XP

1. Pastel Blazers

2. Mullet and Maxi Skirts

3. Ombre Shorts

4. Satchels

5. Envelope Clutch

6. Neon Heels :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twisted Metal

This photo may seem a bit familiar to you guys well yes, I confirm it. This post is included in my Karma Doll post. I basically altered the ensemble to create more looks from one outfit. And this is one of them. Anyway, I must admit I totally forgot to post about this on a separate note. So here goes :) Hope you can drop by Lookbook and give it a hype too :p