Friday, June 7, 2013

[Outfit-s Post]: Lunch Date with BFF ♥♥♥

My best friend Shane and I went out on a lunch date yesterday. Since we see each other like, once every 2 or 3 months, we ensure that we spend our day overly enjoyable and truly worthwhile. We were supposed to have lunch at Cocina Juan, which is my and my boyfriend's fave resto and which I had featured in this blog thrice, but due to some circumstances, we ended up at another place where we definitely pigged out! If there's a thing such as #throwbackthursday, then we've come up with #pigoutfriday! It was like a blessing in disguise after all since we had the most scrumptious feast! Photos of the #pigout in a while :) 

We also found the chance to take outfit shots of course! This time, I also took outfit shots of her and I'm featuring her in this blog for the second time :) Here is her OOTD. I absolutely love her laced top and her lovely blonde locks was an amazing contrast to her get up ♥

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask her for the brands of her clothes. #whatablogger. Anyway, here's what I wore. I was actually hesitant to wear these because of the bipolar weather here in Manila. It's already June which meant the start of the rainy season but when I was about to leave the house, the sun was blaring hot! And it felt like summer all over again hence, my candy color-pegged ensemble. And since I was so Pink already, I threw on these colorful arm party and these very lovely necklace from Ekame Items. This necklace looked elegant enough to wear to a semi-formal occasion and casual enough to wear with something like what I wore here. Anyway, I opted to wear shorts just to be safe, in case it rains in the afternoon. Luckily it didn't. So going back to my OOTD:

Blazer ; The Purple Butterfly Shop
Tube top and shorts ; random
Sandals ; random
Candy necklace ; Ekame Items
Arm Party ; AI Fashion

Aaaaaand.....the feast! Plus some selfie shots lol:

♥♥♥Best friends for 17 years, turning 18 to forever ♥♥♥

I'd love to hear know your thoughts my dearest, fabulous readers! Gotta go :)


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