Saturday, April 6, 2013

My LookBook Entries ♥♥♥

Good morning from the Philippines! ♥ I'll make this post really quick because I'll be going out with John the boyfriend to the water spa :) I decided to post my LookBook entries today since an outfit post would be a little impossible right now :p Take a look and Hype them if you liked them ^_^ Thanks lovely girls!

Chiao gals~ 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Outfit Post]: Psychedelic Summer ♥♥♥

Please excuse me but I've been looking for an avenue to vent out all the heat that has been curdling up within my body and all the veins inside my head are screaming already: IT'S SO !@#$%^&*&^%$#@ HOOOOT!!!

LOL. I just have this love-hate relationship with Summer. I love Summer because it meant going to the beach and shopping for new swimsuits, neons! pastels! colors and more colors :D Yeah, I love Summer like that. Then again, my gahd!! I feel so sticky already. gross huh? I've spent almost the entire day at the mall just so I can escape this heat that's been driving everybody insane here in Manila :(  Oh well, I guess I just have to live with that and try my best to transform this insanity into something more enjoyable for me: Summer Dressing!

So here's what I wore earlier today. You want colors? I'll give you colors *wink wink*

My friends always tell me that my outfits are so colorful and that only I can nail it. How I love hearing those compliments! I've always believed that colors can make someone look and feel young and happy! Perhaps vibrant shades naturally radiate happy thoughts as well. #justsaying. So I guess happier thoughts will come from my mixture of this colorful abstract top plus the pastel floral prints of my pants. And since the colors on my ensemble are too loud already, I decided to tone it down a little and opted for simple accessories. My nails are likewise screaming Summer, yes? :)

Cropped Top and Floral Pants; The Landmark, Trinoma
Jelly Wedge ; Vivienne Westwood
Bag ; SM Department Store
Accessories ; Bazaar

John and I went to a nearby park right after we got tired of strolling at the mall. And since it's Easter Sunday, they put up a mini carnival in line with the Holy Celebration. We tried different rides and finished the stint off with a fish spa. It's sad that we were not allowed to take photos during the activities. Oh well, we'll be sure to sneak in next time hehe :D

Camwhore Minute:

I hope you had a wonderful and solemn Holy Week my lovely readers. Happy Easter Sunday to all! ^__^

Chiao gals~