Saturday, September 21, 2013

[Outfit Post]: You're Sweet Sweet Smile :">

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions".
~Pablo Picasso 

Hello World! Oh how glad am I to be back to my beloved blogosphere! After 4(?) months of hiatus, I can finally return to regular blogging (which is once every week lol!). And because I am exultantly welcoming myself back here, I decided to put on an uber colorful number. Err, come to think about it though, I guess I'm always the walking color wheel so, nothing's new I guess? haha! Despite the rainy weather, I donned over a get up that is perfect for summer! Hot Pink, sweet Lavender and Aquamarine in one ensemble? I mean come on! How can these colors not cheer you up? :D

I particularly love this photo! My hair looks so sexy lol
Speaking of sexy, don't you think this racer back top in its sheer glory is one hot spectacle? Honestly, it took me a lot of courage to take off my blazer, what with those eyes around me while you're projecting poses in a public place? haha! However, I couldn't bear to just hide this top underneath. It's too lovely and it's in Lavender too, one of my fave fave pastel shades! Let your eyes burn for a bit pretty please? :p

I believe it's quite absurd how I, who live and breathe colors, do not have a single lavender top in my closet!!! Thank goodness I crossed paths with DSDRTM shop on Instagram! I swear, it's one of my favorite and most visited online shops in IG. Aside from the enticingly low price for such up-to-date pieces, their selection is super feminine and sweet, it gives you toothache! Who wouldn't fell in love with sheers, laced origami skorts and off-shoulder sabo tops in all the yummiest colors?! Please do drop by their shop and satisfy your style cravings! I know you want to *wink wink*

Necklace ; AI Fashion
Blazer ; random
Pants ; random
Celine inspired bag ; LookSmart Shop
Shoes ; Celine

What do you think guys? Did you like this too? I hope you did! Have a nice day or night ahead! :) Ciao~
TFG :">