Saturday, September 22, 2012

City Sleek

City Sleek

Wallis red blazer

Skinny leg jeans
$19 -

Platform heels

Spike jewelry

French connection

Cateye sunglasses



Versace bustier top

Short skirt

High heels

High heels
$65 -

Pull Bear skull jewelry
$16 -

Rose ring
$9.07 -

Rag bone

Nars cosmetic

$28 -

Givenchy perfume
$68 -

Nars cosmetic

Friday, September 21, 2012

Store Spotlight: Ifassion Highfashion

I already got my package last night for that cute floral pink kimono jacket that I blogged about in here. I was anxious all day yesterday, waiting for the courier because the usual time of delivery to our house is 5pm and I was felt quite uneasy upon realizing it was already past 6 PM and there was no sight of the courier guy, when I got a call from Xend (courier) telling me that their delivery man had been going around in circles as he could not locate our house. lol. I had to go out into the streets and wait for him in the dark. Sheesh. Anyway, I was just so thrilled that I received my parcel already and I immediately tore off the brown bag containing my jacket and my heart did a little leap of joy when I found another small plastic bag inside. I opened it up and found a really cute kikay mirror inside! Hooray for freebies! 

It's one of those with the 3D effects, see how the girl opens and closes her eyes when you tilt it in different angles? lol just like a little girl in her younger days. Also, I so happened to accidentally break my mirror a few days back so this one really saved me, the vain girl that I am. :) Oh, and it's blue too. My favorite color! <3

Anyhoo, here's my very first kimono jacket!!! It's so flowy and soft, it's perfect for Summer. But don't let it deceive you. The fabric is sheer, I don't think it's chiffon though but when I wore it last night, it felt a little warm on my skin which was perfect because last night was just so cold! And I'm certain it will likewise be perfect for Summer. How versatile is that? :D

Sorry I had to put some background effects on the second photo. Our wall was not yet fully painted so it wouldn't be a good sight hehe. What do you think of my new jacket? I really loved it! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on sale and it would break my heart if I had let go. There were a lot of other kimono jackets, cute tops and bags on the new album that I would like to buy for myself but I guess, I will have to make do of this one for now. 

I highly recommend that you drop by and take a look at Ifassion Highfashion's items. She's got tons of amazing accessories, bags, tops, bottoms etc per collection. New batch of clothing is being uploaded every week and I tell you, I'm one of her many shoppers that literally count the number of minutes before the clock strikes 7/8PM of either a Saturday or Sunday. Her item picks are, like what I said, very versatile and unique. The designs are fabulous and up to date and what's more than that, the price is just amazingly affordable! You can even get a wholesale price when you buy a minimum of 6 pieces or even lower if you purchase 12 pieces. You can choose your items from different collections to suffice the required number of items. Isn't that great! 

Another thing I love about this store/seller is that she knows how to take care of her clients. In a more personal level, though it's not at all necessary to give away freebies to your customers, but who wouldn't want to stick to a seller who knows how to show appreciation? correct? :) I would like to reciprocate that appreciation and express my big thanks to her via this blog post. It was just my second time to buy an item from her, I'm certain there will be a third time, a fourth, and many times more. ^_^

Chiao gals!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Movie Geek: The Mistress and quick outfit post

Going to the movies is a must for me, movie geek is one of my many-geek titles. I require at least one movie every week with the boyfriend or once every month with my mom. 

Last Tuesday, mom and I went to SM City San Lazaro to watch another Bea-John Lloyd starrer entitled "The Mistress". We are huge fans of this tandem since blah knows when, and all movies under Star Cinema for that matter. We do our best to watch at the cinemas every time we have the chance. 

So, as I was saying, "The Mistress" did not disappoint. Yes, it's your regular third-party-romance-kind of movie but with such twists and turns that will definitely make you go "Oh..Em..Gee". And nope, I'm not saying anything about the plot. All you need to expect is the predictably excellent acting of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz that will never fail to bring you to tears or make you feel those intense fear of getting caught by the legal wife, or fear of knowing that you've actually fallen in love (for real) with the son of the man you're hooking up with. (did I just say I'm not saying anything about the plot?). Well, again as mentioned above, so many exciting and nerve-wracking scenes are at hand. Oh, and as people say about the movie, the ending? You will never be able to guess.. :)

On a different note, I wanted to have a shot of my outfit for that day. Unfortunately, my camera batteries were going bonkers on me and I had to ask my mom to take a photo of me via my camera phone. And more unfortunately, she took it without her glasses on so I guess it would be a better idea not to post it here lol. Oh but what the heck, will you mind seeing a rather blurry silhouette of the outfit? I hope you'll get the picture in your heads hehe

sunshine yellow sheer blazer and a tangerine racer back. simple vintage necklace and uncombed hair looked okay right? :p
 The Blurry Silhouette Shot:

yellow blazer; thrifted
tangerine top ; hand me down
pink pants ; mom's closet
random yellow belt
vintage necklace from Victory Mall

Oh look at the time, I'm so sleepy and I'm sort of not feeling well. Gotta go and take a sleep.

Chiao guys

New Look for the Fabulous Geek

Since I'm on a day off today and tomorrow, and the gloomy weather bores me to oblivion, I decided to give my blog banner a cool new look. I'm not sure why I chose to put a fairy as my banner emblem but I think it looks quite lovely right? It was actually a black and white sketch, random find from Google Images :p This was how it looked like earlier:

credits to the artist here: Chickoa347

I put some colors to make it more fun and cute <3 (yes, I colored it. I'm just so great). Also, did you notice that I put glasses on her? That's the mark of the geek haha

Given this, I am very much in love with my new banner. How shallow am I that I even create a blog post just for this one? lol

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Check out my shopping bag!

Oh budget, why do I have to pretend that I can stick to your list when I'm such a congenital liar in the first place? And once again, the fabulous geek breaks her promise to save money in order to follow her heart's content. (Clothes, I hate the way I don't hate you even if you leave me bankrupt).

Check out the items that tempted and lead me to the road of broken vows. (Can I get any cornier than this?)

Floral Kimono Jacket from Ifassion HighFashion 
Floral body-con mini dress and
Red garterized belt both from AI Fashion

And here's one gladiator wedge that I'm saving for my birthday <3 I really love it! 
(photo from Kam's Fab Shop)

Wasted Time

"Is it all just wasted time 
Can you look at yourself 
When you think of what 
You left behind ..."

By TFG: I don't give much thought (honestly) on Men's fashion. I guess I'm too high in my senseless vanity to notice that. Or well, I assume it's normal to be more pre-occupied with ladies' fashion, as much as guys don't give a damn on your new color block heels. Nonetheless, my top-of-mind ideas when you say Men's fashion are suits/ties/jackets/sunnies and all that kind of get up. Very seldom would I find someone who would stand out from the stereotype-clean looking guy crowd. But that's just my opinion. :p Will I sound weird if I say runway looking guys (and I meant those tux-wearing) really don't catch my fancy. I think they all look the same, you know, men looking like cut outs from high end fashion magazines. But then, let me reiterate, that's just me :)

I'm more enticed with bad-boy looks, they look so sexy and masculine to me. I know it's what enamored me to my man, first and foremost. (too much bias here, I'm aware hehe) Provided that I have this huge obsession with Rock music and long-haired Metal Rockers (read: Sebastian Bach), I instantly have a Metal God by my side all the time. XP

John says:

"Who says 80's metal is dead? Though I'm not as glam as you might think, thrash still thrived the biker look when leather jackets, jeans and chains were the norm. I'll start from my great looking sneakers that were given to me by my doll. Quite sturdy and definitely complete's the "I'm-gonna-kick-your-face-in-but-still-look-good-doing-it" ensemble as the black shoes compliment the other dark overtones of the gig attire. The jeans were bought from a thrift store in Marikina and it caught my eye since it's one of those jeans that have the "bell bottom" look to it. The leather jacket comes next as it is pretty much standard in the metal scene way back then which I'd like to bring back. My GnR shirt is under that with the art done by the famous Saul Hudson which was bought again by my love. The top hat was more of a homage to my guitar hero as well as he almost never leaves home without it, bought mine in National Bookstore last halloween. The chain was an interesting feature as it enhances the tough guy look. "

Chains; random, Demon Microphone Sneakers; Draven, Bell Bottom Denims; thrifted, Leather Jacket; thrifted, Top Hat; random find, Guns and Roses Shirt; Metaloisc, RJ Guitar

Have a heart and hype :)