Friday, February 28, 2014

"Peach perfect!" ; My 5 Ways to Wear Chiffon Palazzo Pants

Hi  Gals!  How are you all doing? Excited for Spring? Summer? Me, I am very much  looking forward  to the heat so that I can finally bring out all my sheer  tops  and  corsets  and  tank tops  and chiffon palazzo pants! Eep, speaking of chiffon palazzo pants (and I know you saw this coming), I have just bought my first ever palazzo around two weeks ago.  Actually, I bought it  online  thinking  it was a maxi skirt in the stock photo. But the truth was, I had been scouting for peach palazzo pants in chiffon for the longest time and I am completely aware that such task is quite daunting, given that I'm  looking  for  specifics such as the fabric and the color and the style etc.  So  when  I  saw  this  peach  "maxi  skirt"  on Joshan Online Shop's collection, I  did not bother think twice and ordered it right away. I got the  item the following day and much to my blissful surprise, it turned out to  be  the  palazzo  pants  of my dreams! The universe is just so powerful #GotToBelieve

So  anyway,  if  you ask me, I rarely and I mean very rarely do I see girls wearing  palazzo  pants.  You  see circle  skirts  and  maxis  and  shorts everywhere  but these pretty culottes very seldom take the lime light don't you  think?  So  for  today's  post,  here's  a special "My 5 Ways to Wear" edition to give you gals a little idea what to wear these palazzos with.

First Look: Wearing Palazzo Pants at the streets/ malls/ parks etc :

The  casual white cropped top blended well with the flowy fabric giving the ensemble  that  perfect  mix  of laid-back and chic. How to wear the palazzo pants in the mall? This is how! Well if you want, sans the heels lol.

Off shoulder cropped top ; Fashion Trends Online PH
Accessories ; ramdom

Second Look: Wearing Palazzo Pants at the beach:

What could be more summery than a floral bustier and peach bottoms in sheer? Throw in that fedora hat and stack up an arm party on and you can join the beach party!

Bustier Top ; The Sparkle Couture
Fedora Hat ; Random

Third Look: Wearing Palazzo Pants as Evening Wear:

What do you think of mixing solid black with dainty peach? The flowy fabric gives a great balance to the grungy feel of the top. I'm not sure but I actually liked this one haha! By the way, this cold-shoulders top is actually a DIY which is very simple to make. Nonetheless, I'll be posting the pseudo-tutorial very soon.

Long Sleeved Top: thrifted

Fourth Look: Wearing Palazzo Pants to Party:

You will definitely turn heads in this eye-catching sequined silver top! This is actually a dress worn as top, quite versatile this beauty isn't she? If it weren't for the sequins, the loose top and loose bottom somehow gives off a Bohemian Vibe! Chiffon Pants in Boho Style spells sexy!

Sequined Top ; Thrifted
Accessories; AI Fashion

Fifth Look: Wearing Palazzo Pants to Formal Gatherings:

If you would ask me, I honestly wouldn't attend formal gatherings wearing pants. Well that's just me. I will definitely be on a dress or top plus skirt combination, but pants? And by that I'm referring to slacks. But make the pants Peach in flowy fabric and I will readily put it on. And what is the more common match to chiffon bottoms? Lacy tops! Probably due to the same dainty look and feel that chiffon and lace have that they make a great combo perfect for formal occasions such as weddings. When my mom saw me wearing this, she asked me whether I was having a dress rehearsal to a wedding and that I might stand out instead of the bride. Haha! Well, I do agree that this palazzo pants is definitely a statement!

Lace Top ; AI Fashion

I can still think of more ways to wear these lovely bottoms and the list goes on. All you need is just your little creative bone and a dash of confidence and you're good to go! I am quite happy with these pants, and I love the universe for helping me find them. Thank you as well to Joshan Online Shop, gawd you have no idea how happy I am! 

I hope you liked this post! Tell me what you think girls ^_^


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks dear but this isn't a skirt :p these are palazzo pants. Pretty no lol

  2. This skirt looks fabulous on you! I love the way you styled it, each outfit is just so feminine and romantic) Those photographs are adorable!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  3. awesome looks!!!! Chiffon pants looks great in summer, just in time coz it's almost summer now hhehehe
    and of course, a perfect match to our not-so-purrfect climate hehehe

    love lots,

  4. Omgggg, I need those Palazzo Pants. Such a fan of these wide leg trousers.
    They are so comfy and so chic. Love the color of yours!


  5. I sometimes wish I were taller so I can wear maxi skirts/dresses too, haha! But oh well :)) You look lovely in baby pink :) Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin btw <3

    Strawberry Bunny

  6. Oh wow, a pair of palazzo pants! I love it paired with the sequined top :) I am following you through Google Friend Connect, I hope you could visit my blog and follow me too fellow Pinay! Thank you!