Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Outfit Post]: Sweet and Sinister ♥♥♥

At long last! An outfit post, after almost a month of posting semi outfit shots forcefully inserted through a hell lot of love blog posts. I missed posing in front of the camera and doing my usual pseudo-blogger gestures and all. Ayt! So here we go, I decided to come up with a 2 in 1 outfit post this time. Before I proceed though, this post is inspired by one of  Kryz Uy's post: Reinventing Pieces, where in she shows how one piece of clothing. i.e., a dress, can be worn in 2 different ways via a few layering techniques. It can be quite stylish and functional, especially for all fashionistas out there who are not a fan of repeating outfits, myself included. I do have closets full of clothes but not all of them can be deemed corporate looking enough which I can wear to the office so I had to get my creative juices flowing. However, the reinvention I did in this post is for the casual day to night style. I hope I gave it justice. So anyhoo! The central piece of this story would also be a floral mini-dress. 

Look # 1: The Sweet
For my attempt on the sweet look, I wore the dress as it is and put on a sheer ruffled top. Ruffles never fail to add sweetness and femininity to any piece, given the sheer texture of the cloth as well, this definitely can pull off that girly girl twist that you want! Add some cherry rose socks and stilletoes and that cute, colorful bag that John gave me? Sweet! Or is it just me? lol

Look # 2: The Sinister
Throw the ruffles and socks away and put on some dark blonde ombre hair and leather jacket for that bad ass chic look! What do you think?

See how you can go out and be in style using only one dress suited for 2 different occasions? It's a complete turn around for a single dress that will surely take you from day to night! Tell me your thoughts. I would love to hear from you! ♥

Floral mini dress : AI Fashion
Ruffled Vest : Dainty Closet
Shoes ; Celine
Leather jacket ; from Paris
Suede Boots ; Thrifted
Ombre Hair extension ; Victory Mall

Photo by: John Erick Basilan
Chiao gals!
TFG~ ♥