Friday, December 4, 2015

[Skin Care] Human Nature Facial Care Products Mini Haul

Hi  Everyone! If you would remember from my last skin care review post, I have mentioned that  I  was  waiting for a package of my orders from a store called "Human Heart Nature". What made me decide to try this store first among others was their Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, Pro-Environment advocacy. Somehow, we all have that "I want to save the world" feel inside us, and so do I. Especially where the environment is at stake. Thus, if anything will strongly promote a Go Green campaign, I am all for it. 

Anyhow, I have pointed out that my skin is ridiculously sensitive. My worst skin problem ever since is that I easily break out into pimples and rashes whenever I use skin care products of any type, no matter how mild the formula states. Even those claiming to be hypoallergenic proved to be still too strong for my face.

A few weeks  ago, a morning TV show featured a newly booming local business that manufactures Organic skin care products. I will not be name dropping at the moment since I have yet to buy from their store. At any rate, it had me contemplating on trying out Organic products once more. I used to own one particular bar of soap  made out of 100% Goat's milk and it was the only product that did not react negatively on my face. Unfortunately, I couldn't find  the  brand  anywhere  else. Having said that, I thought I should give another  try  on  natural-made  products. So I did an extensive research on local companies that sold such and engaged in yet another episode of comparisons and wishlists before I ended up buying at Human Nature. A lot of good  reviews from other beauty bloggers were also a factor on this verdict. So for starters, I have bought a four-piece set of facial products: Facial wash, Facial toner, Facial Scrub and a Beauty Oil. Here was how the package came in:

I love the box! It speaks of their advocacy, and it was properly sealed. 
Bunch of brochures on top 
Thank you note from their Founder

More brochures

Noticed how all four products stated "100% No Harmful Chemicals"? I guess that's quite a good news, yes? Currently, I have a lot of zits and scars and I do hope these products would be the answer to my prayers. Let me post my present photo as this will serve as the basis of my progress after a month or two of usage:

zits and shine everywhere!
I will most probably be reviewing the Balancing Duo facial wash and toner first since I make use of them twice everyday so make sure to wait for that post! I will be back once I have emptied these super cute bottles. Chiao!~

Love Lots,