Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Outfit Post : White and Bright

A great figure or physique is nice, 
but it's self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.
~Vivica Fox

Hi gals! A good, happy, sweaty, hot afternoon to you from scorching Manila! Sorry if I had been blogging about Summer more frequently lately. I know most of you are still on your way to Spring, but since we don't have that here in the tropics, we're fast forwarding to Summer! So I'm pretty sure you all can guess what this outfit post is about. What outfit can be more fitting to beat the heat? Cropped Tops and Shorts, in white!

So for this Summer 2014, cute summer outfit is not just cute, but sexy as well. I seldom show off some skin in my posts (unless of course I was wearing swimwear) because I'm that shy lol. But thanks to Fashion Trends Online PH of Instagram for sending over these off-shoulder cropped top and a matching origami shorts. These pieces are too pretty and sexy not to flaunt! To somehow cover my self-proclaimed shyness, I decided to cover up with a Pink floral kimono that I've got over a year ago. 

Before I started the shoot, I was in deep thought: "Will I be able to pull off this cropped top?". Even my mom was intently watching me, which made it all the more awkward. Then again, I convinced myself that this shoot would only take 5 minutes, max. After the first minute, I recovered my self confidence. Sexiness is not about the amount of skin you need to show, or how high the cut of the top is or how short your bottoms were. It's about being yourself and being confident that radiates the sexiness of the person within. Still, thanks to my long legs (that go on forever, as one of my readers said), I felt even sexier! lol. 

By the way, do you recognize this top? It's actually the same top I wore for the first outfit in this post! While this floral kimono was first featured in this post when she was still on my shopping cart. Can you imagine that after more than one year, this was the first time I wore it? :p #justsaying

So what do you think of wearing white on white for Summer? Or white and white plus pink floral? I hope you liked this post! Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear from you :)

Top and Shorts ; Fashion Trends Online PH
Necklace ; AI Fashion
Floral Kimono ; Ifassion High Fashion

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