Get To Know The Geek

I was born to fall in love
with life
with the arts
with colors
with light
with the world.

I am erratic,
in more ways than one

I am spontaneous.
I am peculiar.
I am sensual.
I am sexual.
I am a woman.
and I am,

I had been hated.
I had been loved.
I had been admired.
I had been wanted.
I had been with friends.
I had been alone.

I am not afraid.
I am myself.
I dare.
I loose,
I win.
I conquer life.

Real Name: Rose Anne Cruz (call me R.A. or Anne please)

Birthdate: December 1986

Address: Manila, Philippines

Education: Bachelor's Degree on Literature, graduated Cum Laude at Far Eastern University

Profession: E-mailbanking Specialist at a top International Banking Corporation

Interests include:

Fashion, first of all
Music (Metal/Alternative/Goth/, a bit of selective Pop)
Literature (any good read from classics to contemporary), I write as well
Photography (experimental, still-life, portraits, fashion etc)
Food, I don't cook but I eat a lot. My apologies <3
Painting (hobby)
Anime (I cosplay and I sew my own costumes)
Movies, once a week is a must

Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Body structure: Slim
Complexion: Morena
Hair: Black and straight

Blogging Tool of the Trade: Canon Power Shot A810 (no DSLRs for me)
Photographer: Boyfriend or mom

On Blog Title: Simple, because I'm a Geek and I'm fabulous. (At least I try to be hehe)

On Blog: I can't really say that my blog is a fashion blog. It's just my personal space. I dump all my random thoughts in here through my superficial writing. But since my first love is fashion, most of my posts will be about it, but not entirely. You can read bits of my other geek-alter egos such as the movie geek, literature geek, anime geek and the like. I write whatever comes into my mind. You might even encounter a dramatic freak post once in a while :)

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