Saturday, October 6, 2012

Featured Blog of the Week! ♥♥♥!!!! @#$%^&*!!!!!! 

I'm super duper mega over excited and overwhelmed that my blog, for the first time, has been featured as blog of the week in They sent me a message just this week asking if they could feature me in their blog of the week segment and who am I to decline? This is quite an opportunity and I was more than happy to accept the invite. They sent me a set of interview questions and I was surprised that it was already published the following day. I wasn't online yesterday so I was really astounded when I checked my twitter account this morning and Fashionfreax tagged me on the post. I almost shrieked along the hospital halls. (I was at the hospital for a check up). So anyhow, I've posted below my brief interview with them. Hope you can find the time to drop by and read :)

Click: The Fabulous Geek: Blog of the Week

How did you get in touch with fashion?
Ever since I was a kid, dresses and skirts had been the apple of my eyes. I felt so princess-like when I’m in a dress. Eventually, I would raid my mom’s or my grandmom’s closets and wear their clothes. I learned then how to mix and match pieces and people would say I looked good. I realized I’ve always wanted to be a stand out in the crowd through my style and dressing up makes me happy.
Why do you have a fashion blog and for how long for?
I’m relatively new to fashion blogging. It was created just last May. It was my boyfriend that encouraged me to do so because I always pretend that I’m a runway model and do the catwalk along the streets. I’ve always wanted to do it but my work schedule doesn’t permit me to. However, when I started the blog, I felt so into it because I knew this is really my thing.
What are your favourite blogs?
The first two blogs I learned about were Rumi Neely’s Fashion Toast and Sea of Shoes by Jane Aldridge. I became their follower for years and there are a lot of other bloggers emerging nowadays with really great style. The top blogs that I follow now are of my fellow Filipinos namely Break My Style, Thirsty Thought and Camille Tries to Blog.
What do you do in your “real” life?
I've been working in a Bank for almost 4 years now. During my free time, I have photoshoots for my blog outfit posts or attend Cosplay events. I also practice experimental photography and painting. Otherwise, I’m just in front of the PC and doing some uncontrollable online shopping, murdering the videoke, or dancing around the house.
Do you have a favorite designer(s) or fashion icons?
I’m a fan of Coco Chanel, of course and Alexander McQueen. I’m also a fan of fellow Filipinos who made it big in the International Fashion scene like Monique Lhuillier, Rajo Laurel and Michael Cinco.
Would you like to say anything else concerning your blog or in general?
Honestly, I still can’t label my blog as a “fashion blog” because the term, as I see it, applies to bloggers who have already made it big in this scene. I’m just a newbie blogger who wants to share to the world how I dress up, show how thrifted pieces can make you look like a million bucks if you wear them with the right attitude!
(of course, this needs screen capture lol)♥

And another screenshot of the banner of Fashion Freax's Facebook Page because I'm in it!!! :D

I am one happy happy girl!!! ♥♥♥

Friday, October 5, 2012

"Talk Me Down"

"I'm too tired to go to bed
I'm too wired for anything except
The crossfire in my head
It's been a long night 
Cos I took all I can take
Til the walls shook and the windows break
I want to phone you but it's far too late
It's been a long night 

So talk me down
Talk me down
Talk me down
Talk me down"
First off, I'm having a nostalgic Westlife attack today. Mainly because I couldn't find a decent enough copy of the song in my MP3 downloader. Last time I got a copy, it went like 

"So talk me, so talk me, talk me, me, me, me..@#$%^#!#*" 

and I had no choice but to delete it. I really love this song, especially that Mark Feehily sang it solo. Goodness, how eargasmic he sounds. ♥ Perhaps you may be silently screaming "gay" while you're reading this and I could care less. First off, Westlife is the boyband of my adolescent years. Yes, there's BSB, then there's N'Sync or A1 and blah blah but my heart belonged to Ireland. To say I was a super fan girl is still an understatement. Gawd, I was obsessed. I had posters on all corners of my bedroom. I had several CD copies for one album, had hundreds or even thousands of photos downloaded, printed and compiled in my tens of file folders. I dreamed and day-dreamed about them, wrote fan fictions and wrote fan letters to Ireland. 

It saddens me still that when I stepped into College and parted ways with my High School friends who shared the same kind of passion with Westlife, I eventually deviated as well from their music, from the young childhood memories I created myself. I tasted a different kind of music in an entirely different world which I wholeheartedly embraced. Sometimes, I hear them over the radio and I knew, somewhere in me, it resurfaces. They had concerts in Manila which I neglected. I remembered how much I cried when I failed to watch their first concert in the Philippines. It felt alien to me, ignoring Westlife. Until finally, I realized I was over them.

When they announced that they were disbanding this year, I blanched. And everything came back to me in a rush. I guess I learned well in neglecting them though, that I forgot about it the following days. Months after they have officially disbanded, I found myself one day, watching music videos in YouTube  reading articles, downloading photos once more. I downloaded songs which I had not heard of ever, from the albums that I chose to ignore then. I watched their last ever concert in You Tube which was held at their homeland. I felt bad, and sad, aggravated somehow. I felt saddened that I parted ways with them like that. And all I have are memories of me and my ridiculous obsession when I was thirteen.

And now that this post is almost done, I sure know how superficial I may have sounded. It's funny, that I created a tribute out of the blue, months after the disbanding had happened, without any special occasion today related to Westlife. I guess it's just the memories that told me to write because I have wanted to do so for the longest time. Honestly, it made me feel THAT bad and in some way, it felt lighter that I wrote about it today. I guess I can say I'll always be that Westlife fangirl from my sixth grade. ♥


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Vanity Attack

Because today is my day off and I'm staying at home, I decided to engage myself in some un-productive vanity-centered photo taking. I can't call it photography, I don't have the nerves lol. 

I still have several un-opened accessories in my closet ♥ my EQ is somehow on a decent level still

superhero bangles!

body wash lol

my Clinique perfume. so sweet ♥

my new Escada perf. love it! ♥
And of course, the vainest of all:

Fret not. That's not real hair. Being the cosplayer that I am,I have a stock of wigs in my closet lol This one is definitely my favorite because it looks and feels like real hair ^_^

Sleeping on a hot and lazy afternoon ♥

New In: Cropped top, Peplum and Mullet ♥

Finally, I was able to receive my new items after almost 3 days of delayed delivery. ( I hate you typhoon Marce!). Check out these fab items I got for fab prices ♥

cute floral cropped top from Ifassion Highfashion ♥

goodness, I love the aqua hues of this peplum skirt, also from Ifassion Highfashion

This elegant sheer mullet skirt from Wearables has a frustratingly funny story. It was my first time to buy from this shop and I immediately fell in love with their collection. I bought this skirt right off and settled everything early. I was very excited to lay my hands on this item as this was my first ever mullet skirt. Such a loser am I not? The mullet trend is almost over and I just bought mine this week. lol. Then came typhoon Marce and the delivery of the item got delayed day after day. My excitement evaporated and I was at the brink of my patience. Thanks to the Wearables store owner and her "kulit" skills, my package was delivered last night, at almost 7pm. 

And by the way, I also got 2 freebies along with this gorgeous skirt:

such a kawaii and sweet kitty phone accessory!

I wonder how she knew that my favorite color is Royal Blue..hmm :p Soooo love these danglers! ♥

I can't wait to make an outfit post in these clothes! *uber thrilled*

Chiao gals!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


such an obvious blooper! forgot to wear some shoes! :p

this yellow thingy I've worn as a skirt is actually a blazer! haha and the top is a halter dress ♥

BTW, that hair like thing at the corner is my wig lol

Found some very random photos from my older albums (photos that didn't make it to my blog posts). I took these myself, having to make my digicam stand on its side (vertically) because I don't have a tripod lol. I thought these photos looked horrible then, but I figured I could use some editing to make it look a little dramatic. Not. The second outfit might look familiar to you. I'll help you, you've seen it here
So anyhow, what you think? XD

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bright Lights

You'll definitely turn heads and stop people on their tracks in this ultra bright ensemble ;) ♥

Bright Lights

Priestley s Vintage cream dress
$430 -

Giorgio Armani silk jacket
$2,915 -

UNCONDITIONAL cropped vest
$590 -

H&M leather shoes
$40 -

Hermès handbag

Amrita singh

Isabella Oliver wrap belt

Black Cat Laser Die Cut