Friday, November 22, 2013

[Outfit Post] : Somewhat Dainty

I'm sick and resting as I write this post. Good thing that I have some backlogs here lol. Onto the outfit now. :) 

Dresses and skirts never disappoint me. When you feel too lazy to dress up, just put on a dress or a skirt and it looks like you're all dolled up in an instant. I wish I could wear skirts more often though.  I wish I could dress up like this whenever and wherever I want to. Problem is, at the office, there's this policy that your skirt must be at least one inch above the knee only. Make it two inches and you're dead lol. That's my main problem, since my legs are long. Even if I wore a normal length-looking dress/skirt, it will look short on me so I end up always wearing pants, which depresses me. Another problem outside the office is that I don't have a car. How's that a problem? Since I have to commute (jeepneys,
busses,trains etc) when going out to meet my boyfriend, my parents reprimand me from wearing anything short otherwise, some pervert might make a pass at me, especially inside the busses. Well I do understand that but still it makes me sad. This is why I will forever be grateful that Midi skater skirts are here now to save the day! Not only am I grateful that I found the skirt with the perfect length, they come in sooo many yummy colors too! And the best part of a full circle skirt is that you get to twirl! Agree? Lol. Now I (my wardrobe) can relax now. I can wear these either to the office or to a date and I will never have to worry again :-)  Thank you IHeartKagnShop!

Bustier dress worn as top ; DSDRTM
Midi Skirt ; Iheartkagnshop
Shoes ; The Landmark
Accessories ; AI Fashion

Photos by : John Erick Basilan

Sunday, November 17, 2013

[Outfit Post] : Fun and Flirty : ">

Today, November 17th, John and I celebrated our 40th month Anniversary. We do go out on dates every weekend but it is quite seldom that we get to go out during our 'month-saries'. As such, I ensured that he sees me at my most beautiful today. I decided to wear this pretty Lavender peplum dress from Stop and Stare Shop. The ice creamy hues and Body-hugging silhouette gave my ensemble that perfect mix of daintiness and subtle sexiness my boyfriend loves! I also used my ever favorite, now-abused, Celine-inspired bag to complete my flirty pastel look. What do you think? :-) 

I needed to get under a shade though, it was scorching hot outside lol!

Peplum Dress ; Stop and Share Shop
Arm party ; random
Shoes ; The Landmark

I would love to know your thoughts loves. Have a great day/night ahead!
Ciao <3