Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; For the love of Lace II (Candy Rush) ♥

The rain was pouring hard and the wind was blowing like crazy as I was writing this post. I was in the shuttle service on the way to the office and we were slowly treading along a gutter-deep flood. Obviously, the Rain Season is already here. Yet here I am, posting a Summer appropriate outfit! Lol! Funny how I had been ranting everyday about how hot it was and how my hair feels sticky with sweat every Summer and now, all I can pray for is for the Sun to come out! I feel so gloomy in this weather, it has been raining for the last 2 weeks and I don't like it! Anyway, don't judge me as I will be posting more Summery outfits in the following weeks. So here goes the second part of "For the Love of Lace". ♥

This Pomelo Pink lace top is the sister of the nude lace top in my last post. I actually have another one in Mint green, which by the way, I am most obsessed with. That will be due next post.  So going back, I originally ordered this top in Peach but this was what I got. I loved the shade anyway because it complemented the color of my skorts. I absolutely love shades like this one.I believe it looks good with my complexion. I'm not too fair nor dark skinned, the shade of this is just right for me.

And I haven't had enough of lace that I decided to wear a lacey vest with the ensemble. This vest also has buttons and can actually be worn as a dress alone. I'll make an outfit post wearing this next time.

I think the combination of pink and tan looks pretty and yummy. It kind of reminds me of Monami strawberry cream candy. ♥ Anyways, I really intended to look bohemian again in this look but it didn't look like it, I know! *rolls eyes* I am now REALLY REALLY convinced to get gladiator sandals in neutral hues, the soonest!

By the way, if you're all wondering how come my hair looks like this, these are only extensions which I used to wear a lot during my cosplaying days. Well they do look fake right? I don't know, I just thought all of a sudden that "Hey! Boho looks good with curly hair" kind of idea. Or not? I just love seeing myself in curly pony tails, it makes me feel look young ♥ lol. Anyways, what do you think of this outfit? Let me know your thoughts! Ciao~

Skorts ; AI Fashion
Lace Vest ; thrifted
Accessories ; AI Fashion
Hair Extensions ; The Landmark

Love Lots,

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[Outfit Post] : For the Love of Lace (Summer Is Not Over)

Hello dear fabulous people! After a lifetime, I am finally back to blogging. I can't believe I had been gone for such a long time. What's worse was I missed my blog's second anniversary! How can a style blogger even miss her own blog's birthday OMFG! Okay, that really hurt, but as much as I wish to squish in a post or two, other stuff would come up, stuff that couldn't be disregarded. Oh well, I guess it's too late to cry over spilled milk. But I promise, I am definitely going to make up for all the lost time from here on. 

So for my comeback post, I'd be sharing my current style obsession: Bohemian! It is somewhat ironic that a couple of posts back, I was telling you all how I can never ever be a Boho Chic just because I don't think it suits me or I could pull it off. Now I take everything back alright! Instagram is just far too influential when it introduced me to a whole new realm of IG Boho fashionistas. What with all those lace, crochets, boots and kimonos? How can a weak sh*t like me not succumb to that power? With that said, I just made a haul, a super massive haul of kimono jackets and laced tops and shorts. (Did I hear my purse cry?). Anyhoo, this ensemble I have here is a post-Coachella-ish inspired outfit. Too bad that I haven't experienced such, and that is quite far from reality to be honest but then, if ever I do get to attend a Coachella event, *cross fingers* I would definitely be wearing this!

I was thinking of pairing the outfit with a knee high gladiator flats in Brown or Gold. The thing is, I don't have a friggin' pair of Gladiators!! *Notes down on to-buy list* lol! So what do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts! Ciao!~

Aztec Kimono ; RTW on Sale
Accessories ; AI Fashion
Sneaker Wedge ; S&H Fashion
Hat and Shorts ; Random

Love Lots,