Saturday, September 15, 2012

TFG's A-List of the day: Smolder

Is it just me, or do you also think that corset/bustier tops will go well with neon peplum skirts? Also, I want the bustier top to be embellished with studs. Would you agree that it will look hardcore yet sexy? Please look into my list and tell me what you think of this ensemble. I added some extra pieces that I think will speak volumes of drama in the entire outfit *wink*

1. Gold Beam Necklace
2. Studded black midriff bustier top
3. Black Fedora Hat
4. Neon yellow peplum skirt
5. Red Hot Balenciaga Motor bag
6. Heel less shoes ala Lady Gaga

The incorporated pieces scream mystery, elegance, adventurous and fun. Do you think you can wear this to the London Fashion Week? :p

Sea of Shoes

Although I would absolutely love to have a sea, or a mountain of shoes, at least. So they say, a woman can't have too many shoes. Everyone can attest to that.

Lately, I've been buying quality/branded shoes. Branded but not the kind of Louis Vuittons or Christian Louboutins, mind you. I'm recently investing in locally-made shoes that are already tried and tested here in the Shoes industry in the Philippines. Piff.. I should've awaken earlier. You know, I guess I am pretty stingy 'coz I had this habit of putting down those pairs I really love (design and quality wise) and deep inside, I know that they are the ones worth keeping because of the quality that will definitely last a lifetime. But whenever I think that buying one pair of branded footwear can cost me about 3 pairs of cheapers ones, with a heavy heart, I let go of them and go for the pairs that I believe will save me money. I can imagine now all the money I've wasted. Enough of that anyway, as I've mentioned, I realized that it actually cost me much much more to invest on those cheap shoes as they only last for a few months after which I would need a new pair again. I know, I know. Sorry :p Anyhoo, here's my baggage. I looove them so much. I hope you'd think they're nice too ^_^

Rusty Lopez is one of the top local brands here in the Philippines. This pair is quite comfortable to wear and I can even run on these. <3

Yummy Kicks Sneakers in Hot Pink! Looks edible right? :)

Those are my mom's feet. It's actually hers. I should have bought one too :( It's in the list because I bought it lol

This pair is my favorite! I'm loving Chelsea now :">

Err, Chelsea is not a local brand but I bought the pair on sale lol. So there. What do you think of them? ^_^

Thursday, September 13, 2012

TFG's A-List

I will now be including a special segment in my blog entitled TFG's A-List. It's just another version of a so-called fashion wishlist but more of a spur-of-the-moment thing. Sometimes, I create memos and save them on my phone whenever I'm daydreaming of outfits and putting them together on my mind to create a complete ensemble. I guess you get the gist.

So for today, I'm actually thinking of floral prints. After browsing online stores for more than half the day, here are the stuff I found.

Since the midriff bustier top is tight, wouldn't it be nice to pair it with flowy palazzo pants? Put on your favorite sunnies and you can wear this at the beach and the summery vibe is alive and kickin'. The Pink and Lime shades looks and (tastes!) ice-creamy! But when you put on a boyfriend blazer, the look instantly becomes chic and city-ish. Isn't it great how one piece of clothing can affect and alter the whole feel of this look. Put on some nude statement neckpiece, rings and a golden arm candy, plus a gold envelope clutch and you're all set to party!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Red Letter Days

It's not my birthday, not our monthsary, no nothing. There's no occasion for those who asked. I just threw over my head whatever it was I first saw in my closet and this bright Red sheer mullet top won. Look at the back detail of the top. I loved it! Yey! Then I saw my mom's 20 year old printed leggings. Yes! It's that old but still looking good, won't you agree? It's kind of short though. And the red flats were likewise unplanned. I wanted to wear my yellow gladiator flats but the stars did not conspire. The sole got peeled boohoo T___T Hope these flats pulled it off. What do you think?

Mullet top, AI Fashion Shop, leggings; mom's closet, flats; random. skull ring; Mia Casa, spike and turquoise rings from AI Fashion Shop, bracelets from tiangge, earrings from tutuban :(

How about a hype dears? :)