Friday, February 15, 2013

♥♥ My Love, My Valentine 02/14/2013 ♥♥

.. And even if the sun refuse to shine 
Even if romance ran out of rhyme 
You would still have my heart 
Until the end of time 
You're all I need 
My love, my valentine..

Yesterday was definitely my BEST.VALENTINES.DAY.EVER. It was John and I's third Valentines day as a couple, but it was honestly beyond words. Perhaps that feeling of bliss and thrill, that something indescribable, that something unfathomable, something that takes you to times and spaces, far beyond any worlds, that happiness unattainable finally achieved. This something is very poetic, and yet still would not suffice just to gauge how happy I was yesterday, how happy I am still and I know I will always be this happy, as long as John is with me. Everyday, is Valentines Day. ♥♥♥

So anyhoo! Here's what we did. We went to Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center in Antipolo, after scouting other possible resorts. This one caught our attention. The travel was tedious, including the small traffics in between, it was more or less 4 hours of travel time coming from Malabon. We encountered some really unfortunate circumstances along the way, and annoyance was quickly building up in my system and I had nothing else to do but count from 1 to 100 to calm myself down. Yeah, that was how annoyed I got. But I wouldn't want to go down into petty details anymore. At past 10am, we arrived at the resort and luckily, there was only around 1 group of people who checked in earlier than us. We had the middle pool all to ourselves! hooray! ♥


Chiao gals~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

[Outfit Post]: A Sweet and Funky V-Day ♥♥♥

Hello! It's better late than never, right? So I'm greeting you a Happy Valentines Day! Whether you are single or taken, married, or "it's complicated", I sincerely hope you enjoyed the celebration of hearts day. There's no room for bitter-sweetness in this blog you know:)

So before I flood you with photos from my V-date yesterday, let me share what I wore. 

I opted for sweet frocks as sweet as Valentines ♥ I always try to wear pieces that would be best appropriate not only for the occasion, but for the venue as well. We went to Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center in Antipolo yesterday for a little swimming. Since the resort was situated in the mountains, I knew it would be a lot cooler than Manila so I opted to wear this Valentine-red blazer to keep me a bit warm. But since Summer is undeniably here, I had to bring out my florals and colors out of my closet! Don't you just love my floral chiffon skirt? It's so sweet and girly! And this candy bag was an advance V-day gift from John. I've been eyeing this bag for the longest time and it comes in a lot of different colors. But this yellow/hot pink/orange combo was the yummiest-looking of them all, so I got this one instead. You can also see that there were cute bear danglers. Isn't it the cutest?!

You can hype this look on Lookbook here.

Blazer and skirt : Wearables Co
Tank top ; gift
Sandals ; The Landmark, Trinoma
Fedora hat ; random buy
Bag ; gift

I absolutely loved the place. The resort name may sound a little funny because "Boso-Boso" in English means "To peep" yeah like "Peeping Tom" lol. But here's a little trivia for you gals!  The name ‚Boso-Boso which was properly pronounced‚ Buso-Buso‚ came after the name of historical church – Buso-Boso church, a remnant of the 16th century. Franciscan missionaries arrived in Antipolo area in pre-Spanish colonization era, 1578, and established the oldest church in Antipolo City. -

Nonetheless, it didn't disappoint. The place was very spacious and clean, you can go for a stroll all afternoon. Also, we've had a great view of the mountains of Antipolo! The wind was strong and very cool. It was very serene and exciting at the same time. So I took advantage while the wind was blowing and got several more shots!

And here's how dreamy I was haha. I'm a sucker for sceneries like this since we don't have much greens back in Manila. John didn't appear all too exultant with mountains though, since he lives in San Mateo and his house is all up there lol. How envious of me XP

I'll probably post another later. I want to share what we did on our V-date yesterday and it'll definitely be flooded! :D

Chiao for now gals ~

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

John's Chinese Birthday ♥♥♥

My dearest boyfriend John and I celebrated his 24th (2 years younger than me!) birthday with another foodie adventure! We had tons of go-to-eats in our list and we couldn't make up our minds! After much debate though, we decided to go to China Town. It was both our first time going to Ongpin and it was perfect timing in celebration of the Chinese New Year as well. I was very much ecstatic to witness a live dragon dance and try out some popular dimsums too :p

*Please forgive me as I was not able to take note of the name of the restaurant. I'll ask John later and insert the name here. So sorry*

We were served first with a couple of glasses of hot tea. I believe it's part of the Chinese tradition to drink tea prior to the meal.

Since it was too early before lunch time, we decided not to take heavy full meals since we knew we'd be pigging out all throughout the day anyway :p

John's fried noodles and my chicken mami (noodles in chicken broth with green leafy veggies and chicken meat chunks) tasted different from the traditional. I love Hongkong Style fried noodles that, as much as possible, I get one everytime I go to Victory Mall. One of my favorite meriendas too is the chicken mami. However, I didn't realize that I'll be tasting two of my favorite meals in an other-worldly version! So this is the difference that is authentic Chinese cuisine!

Side dishes: Buchi and pork Siomai ♥

And while we were eating, a dragon came inside the restaurant! yey! I was able to take some photos but since they were dancing, I couldn't take a decent shot.

After the meal, we headed to Lucky Chinatown Mall to watch a movie. We couldn't figure whether we are to watch Chinese Zodiac or Mama. Being the scaredy cat that I am, I seldom watch horror movies. This time though, I opted to go for Mama. Haha :p While we were waiting for the time, we chanced upon a Happy Lemon stand. This we couldn't miss, being self confessed milk tea fanatics ♥

Happy happy birthday to my boyfriend, my best friend, my soul mate. I love you!!! ♥♥♥

Chiao gals~