Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walk into my Closet

Please call me R.A. and this is me:
Bangkok long sheer top, thrifted skinny pants, Secosana bag

Hello and it’s very nice to meet you!
I’m 25 and I am a pretty busy person. I practically engage in almost everything.
- I work in a bank and I write everyday.
– I sew my own clothes and I cosplay at every opportunity.
– I sing and I dance, I act and I paint and I draw.
– I blog and take photos and I model.
– I also sell gadgets and cosplay apparel
I am in love with life and living, especially dressing up. My first love is and will always be fashion.
And thus, hello again! This is my blog and welcome to my closet. You have the freedom to waste your time looking at my wardrobe. You may leave comments anytime and I would appreciate suggestions. Just keep it sweet and gentle. 
Much love,
The Fabulous Geek :)

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