Saturday, August 25, 2012

ETC Fashion Flea Market

A few weeks back, I've posted about the then-upcoming ETC Fashion Flea Market event. Well, today's the big day! And I just got home from the event, I swear I'm dead tired. Going all the way to San Juan from Malabon is no joke. But my over thrilled fashionista alter-ego wouldn't listen despite the huge nimbus clouds with bipolar rainfalls and deathly traffic that I had to endure just to get there. And that was that. After almost three hours of travel plus swollen heels, (and after a scrumptious lunch break at Shakey's), It was time to hoard!!! Well, okay, not exactly hoard. I bought some stuff, those kind of stuff that I would definitely live in regret if I didn't buy. With a few cash on hand, I braved the sea of stores and I had to practically bring a bucket to catch all my drool in. Oh those cute satchels and shining, shimmering envelope clutches and neon bangles and mullet dresses and blah blah blah. I knew I had to hold my breath and swiftly turn my back against them just so I can save on some cash :p

I bought only 4 stuff. The Market bag was so huge and it came with this extra large box of Fitnesse Cereal so you can actually deceive others and yourself as if you bought a lot of goodies. lol Check out what's inside my Flea Market bag :)

ang cute no? :p

kawaii purple coin purse

my favorite. I am so in love with this floral midrib corset. it screams sexy! ♥

how cool are this pair! :D

got ambushed by Medicol team :p


freebie! comes along with the shopping bag :)

yey! im so happy for my keyboard :D

Unfortunately though, since the venue was a bit smaller and was too crowded, I did not get to take outfit shots for my Lookbook. Geez, I miss posting my outfits here :p My Canon camera is acting up and I just don't have all the time in the world for outfit shots. So I guess I'll just cry in the corner of my room waaah

If you don't have any dates or whatsover set tomorrow, I highly encourage you to visit the Fashion Flea Market. Not only will you get to shop and drool over fab goodies, you'll get to help Cancer warriors as well. And if you do attend, hope you have a great time!

~ TFG <3

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