Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sea of Shoes

Although I would absolutely love to have a sea, or a mountain of shoes, at least. So they say, a woman can't have too many shoes. Everyone can attest to that.

Lately, I've been buying quality/branded shoes. Branded but not the kind of Louis Vuittons or Christian Louboutins, mind you. I'm recently investing in locally-made shoes that are already tried and tested here in the Shoes industry in the Philippines. Piff.. I should've awaken earlier. You know, I guess I am pretty stingy 'coz I had this habit of putting down those pairs I really love (design and quality wise) and deep inside, I know that they are the ones worth keeping because of the quality that will definitely last a lifetime. But whenever I think that buying one pair of branded footwear can cost me about 3 pairs of cheapers ones, with a heavy heart, I let go of them and go for the pairs that I believe will save me money. I can imagine now all the money I've wasted. Enough of that anyway, as I've mentioned, I realized that it actually cost me much much more to invest on those cheap shoes as they only last for a few months after which I would need a new pair again. I know, I know. Sorry :p Anyhoo, here's my baggage. I looove them so much. I hope you'd think they're nice too ^_^

Rusty Lopez is one of the top local brands here in the Philippines. This pair is quite comfortable to wear and I can even run on these. <3

Yummy Kicks Sneakers in Hot Pink! Looks edible right? :)

Those are my mom's feet. It's actually hers. I should have bought one too :( It's in the list because I bought it lol

This pair is my favorite! I'm loving Chelsea now :">

Err, Chelsea is not a local brand but I bought the pair on sale lol. So there. What do you think of them? ^_^


  1. So cute, love the wedges!

  2. oh thanks a lot dear ^^ all my shoes are wedges coz I'm afraid of stilettos hehe :p