Friday, September 28, 2012

Strawberries and Cream

I guess you noticed that I've been posting a lot of Polyvore sets recently. I've just created an account (loser) and it really got me hooked! When I was younger, and I meant around third grade, lol, I spend my school allowance buying paperdolls. I loved to dress up those perfect looking paper girls with really cute dresses and gowns. Sometimes, I would draw my own designs and cut them out of the cardboards and put them on the dolls. Yes, I'm quite a frustrated fashion designer. Anyhow, I'm very addicted to playing Polyvore ensembles because the pieces are so pretty and chic! All the sets I've come up with are actually on my list of what-to-buys or will most probably end up with a get-that-look instead :p What do you think of my collection? :)

Sometimes I wished there's a winter season here in the Philippines so that I can wear cute sweater tops like this one or wear boots anytime without having curious eyes looking at you when you actually do. lol. Weather sometimes do restrict styles :p

Strawberries and Cream

Chloé lace top


Dc shoes

BAGGU canvas backpack

Loroetu necklace

Dorothy perkin


  1. Love it!!!! this outfit is very versatile :D

  2. what a lovely outfit dear :D
    nyway feel free to visit my blog

    1. sure dearest and thank you for dropping by! ♥