Thursday, December 20, 2012

[Geek Alert]: Miss Universe 2012

I always made it to a point that I watch Miss Universe every year, that was years back. Since I've started working, sadly, I very seldom catch the pageant aired on TV since it always ends up on a weekday, a work day. I only get my updates through my mom's texts, or via Twitter, so hooray for social media, really. Whenever I watched and Miss Philippines got into Top 10, my nervous breakdown begins. Okay, so I don't really break down, but you get the gist. The excitement gets the better of me, and I end up with sweaty palms and forehead, plus a nausea and never ending palpitations. My hysteria gets worse once Philippines got into top 5. You would never hear the last from me. If I can recall correctly, the last time I went insane like that was 1999, during the reign of Miriam Quiambao. The last best finish we have had for many years.

Miriam Quiambao 1999

A few years back, when Binibining Pilipinas (the local beauty pageant which the representatives for Miss Universe and Miss International, etc are hailed from), organizers were transferred to a different TV station, I noticed that the Philippines, since then, never had the chance to reach even the top 16. I felt bad and thought whether the beauty-and-brain ladies were nearly extinct. I knew this move was bad, very bad if you asked me. Thus, it was a relief when they transferred it back to ABS CBN. That was when we started getting up from the ground again. Maria Venus Raj ended up 4th runner up last 2010, Shamcey Supsup landed on the 3rd  runner up slot and of course, just yesterday, Janine Tugonon nearly bagged the 2012 Miss Universe title. We ended up at first runner up:

Venus Raj 2010

Shamcey Supsup 2011

Janine Tugonon 2012

So even when the policy of "No Internet Surfing" while at work has been strictly implemented, I couldn't help but stop on my tracks, breath deeply held, as I refresh the tweets every 2 seconds to get the latest update on the results. I almost shrieked when I've read that Miss Philippines bagged the first runner up. Although after hearing of what her answer was to the Q and A portion, I strongly felt she should've won. Anyway, I honestly had no idea what the question and answer was for Miss USA so I'm not judging. If she won, then she must have deserved it. I am just proud that Janine made it that far. I am so proud of her and the pride is felt throughout the country. It's more fun in the Philippines!

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