Thursday, December 13, 2012

[Outfit Post]: The Birthday Girl @ 26

I spent the rest of the day with my lovely family and of course, my wonderful boyfriend. I felt the need to dress up, even though there was no big birthday bash. Of course I have to be pretty on my very special day, so I decided to put on something dressy, since my age now spells elegance, but I still wanted to incorporate a bit of edge to it which somehow embodies how youthful I am, still, at heart.

~ ♥ ~

I especially planned to wear a Red top, because of the traditions and other beliefs underlying the concepts of Birthday and wearing Red, and this flowy cream mullet skirt that definitely ensured both stylishness and convenience of movement at the same time.

I had long since bought this skirt, during the peak of the mullets trend but I haven't worn this as I didn't know where, when and what to pair it with, thinking it could go with just about anything. I didn't want to wear it by following the stereotype look so I thought my birthday was the perfect opportunity to sport it, while donning on a bit of rock and roll to its femininity.

I am sort of the "one-of-the-boys" kind of girl, so you wouldn't see me posing very princessly often, despite the fact that I have a skirt on. Trust me, I try to be more feminine for my boyfriend. But having said convenience of movement, I was really glad it allowed me to do some un-lady like poses like the one above, without restrictions. lol

I hated that John, the boyfriend, took this shot while I was doing some stretching. Nevertheless, I decided to put this up for a bit of laugh. XD Some more silly faces :)
Have I already mentioned how much I am fond of this skirt? lol. The best thing about it was the price. I got it for a very affordable and reasonable tag price so I didn't hesitate to get this at all the first time I saw it in the second collection of Wearables Co. I've been thinking which design/color/material to buy and having bought this was probably the best thing I did. The color and the material is quite versatile on its own. You can wear this to a formal event, say a wedding and you would be classy enough. The lightness of the fabric is breezy enough to wear to a beach as a cover up during summer. You can be just as casual as shopping or strolling somewhere by wearing it with flats/sandals/flip flops! See how convenient this piece of clothing is? I think you better go get yourself some Wearables Co's stuff. They have a lot of dainty and preppy pieces that will suit your preferences, as it did for me☻

For elegant accessories, you just have to leave the job to AI Fashion. You'll never go wrong with the hundreds and thousands of various accessories in her store! Look at my necklace and my matching bracelet (below). I was drooling when I saw this, I had to get it! I got this lovely red corset top from her as well.

The snakeskin waistbelt, if you can remember, was bought from Camille Co's booth at the Bazaar for all Seasons. A perfect way to instantly add some shape to your already-awesome figure! Aaaand of course! The newest in inside my closet is this chic military-inspired jacket, given to me straight from Paris! I get nauseated, in a good way, every time I think of having an authentic Paris-ian stuff with me. I have another leather biker jacket and an oxblood fur coat to go with it, plus an authentic Paris-ian bag! #happymuch

I wanted to inject a bit of surprise to this pseudo-elegant ensemble by wearing ankle boots from Celine! It goes well with the Military Jacket, yes? By the way, these boots were John's birthday gift to me. hooray!

just for fun. pretending to be holding a glass of champagne lol
Please hype this look ♥

Corset Top ; AI Fashion
Necklace and Bracelet : AI Fashion
Mullet Skirt : Wearables Co
Waistbelt : Camille Co
Military Jacket ; Gift from Paris
Shoes : Celine

So anyway, here's my little handaan at a nearby Chinese restaurant Boy Ching Woo:

Battered Chicken which is too delicious, trust me.

My newest favorite: Szechuan Seafood Bowl

Scrumptious Shrimp Balls (which were really expensive but worth it) 

Some Chicken Asparagus soup. Can't live without soup
And PANCIT CANTON for longer life! :D
kodakan time with bf:

just like a kigurumi lol ♥

And photo opt with my gorgeous family at home!

El papa y La mama, both in red ♥

la lola en me :p

Bebe Bear, gift from John ♥ named her Johanna Ericka, after her daddy  ♥

Needless to say, my birthday was pretty simple but it was absolutely a blast! What birthday could be better than spending it with the people you dearly love? I don't need an extravagant party with a buffet and long gowns, or fireworks. What is important is that I'm happy on this day, because I feel loved and protected when I'm surrounded with my family and my boyfriend. 

Chiao gals~

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