Monday, February 4, 2013

Going Back to Cocina Juan ♥♥

It's official, Cocina Juan is undeniably my and John's favorite-st restaurant of all time! With the Pita pizza alone, oh we can definitely live there! I'd cut any narrations short so you can just feast your eyes on these yummy treats!

very artsy don't you agree? I enjoy scrutinizing these paintings that lined up at either sides of the wall :)

We got complementary nachos for that specific dish we ordered, scroll down! ♥ 
look how John savors the nachos ;p Nachos pa lang yan! lol
And here's our delicious dish! Churrasco de Nicaragua! It's an entire platter of various kebabs and side dishes! We shared on this platter as it looked like it was good for 2 persons anyway.

I kept wondering what those crunchy garnish were. It tasted like Picnik though

this veggie salad was heaven! very fresh, very rich in taste, definitely gave major character into the entire dish ♥

And you thought we forgot the Pizza? Hell no!

I swear, we can go there week after week and we'll never have enough. It's a must try for all foodie adventurers out there!

Oyasumi nasai minna san~ (good night everyone)


  1. Cool place, everything looks so delicious :)!

    1. yup! definitely ♥ will try to post more foodie adventures :D
      thanks for dropping by!

  2. lovely post and blog honey <3 maybe we could follow each other from GFC and bloglovin also? let me know <3
    New post is up on my blog

  3. Hi Marie! I'm so sorry sweetie for the super late response. I just learned how to follow blogs via GFC, I'm such a loser lol I love love your blog!! Keep in touch ^_^