Friday, February 15, 2013

♥♥ My Love, My Valentine 02/14/2013 ♥♥

.. And even if the sun refuse to shine 
Even if romance ran out of rhyme 
You would still have my heart 
Until the end of time 
You're all I need 
My love, my valentine..

Yesterday was definitely my BEST.VALENTINES.DAY.EVER. It was John and I's third Valentines day as a couple, but it was honestly beyond words. Perhaps that feeling of bliss and thrill, that something indescribable, that something unfathomable, something that takes you to times and spaces, far beyond any worlds, that happiness unattainable finally achieved. This something is very poetic, and yet still would not suffice just to gauge how happy I was yesterday, how happy I am still and I know I will always be this happy, as long as John is with me. Everyday, is Valentines Day. ♥♥♥

So anyhoo! Here's what we did. We went to Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center in Antipolo, after scouting other possible resorts. This one caught our attention. The travel was tedious, including the small traffics in between, it was more or less 4 hours of travel time coming from Malabon. We encountered some really unfortunate circumstances along the way, and annoyance was quickly building up in my system and I had nothing else to do but count from 1 to 100 to calm myself down. Yeah, that was how annoyed I got. But I wouldn't want to go down into petty details anymore. At past 10am, we arrived at the resort and luckily, there was only around 1 group of people who checked in earlier than us. We had the middle pool all to ourselves! hooray! ♥


Chiao gals~

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  1. Hi RA I linked you back to my blog :p
    Pwede ba yang place for our outing? Let me know sa office haha