Friday, May 3, 2013

[Outfit Post and Photo-Diary]: Chasing Sunsets ♥♥♥

“it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!” 

Floral Mullet top ; random bazaar
aqua blue spaghetti top ; hand me down
navy blue bikini top ; Virtual Divisoria
White shorts ; The Landmark
Slippers ; Ipanema
Sunnies ; from Dubai
Arm party all from AI Fashion 

Hello fabulous people! As mentioned in my last post, I came from an out of town trip trip last week for some generous dipping on the white beach to somehow get rid of all these summer sweat! We went to Tali Beach, Batangas together with the entire E-mail and SMS Banking Cluster in our office. We also held our last year's outing in the same place, sadly though, it wasn't the same beach. I was so looking forward to taking nice photos in that place. Last year's memories were better, then again, we still made the most out of it especially that I spent this trip with John and my team sisters: Mayfel and Avey! Since I promised a photo-diary, I would like to share with you some decent (and goofing around) photos we took. So what about your Summer Stories fab readers? Care to share? ^_^


Aren't I so sweet? lol

Sorry for the crazy shots, whenever me and my friends are together, there is no such thing as POISE! lol Hope you are spending your Summer time worthwhile and fun! Let's hear about your stories next time alright? 

Chiao gals! ♥


  1. Very nice pictures :)

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  2. Gorgeous outfit!! i love your blog.

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