Sunday, September 8, 2013

[Outfit Post]: Fabulust

"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair". - Audrey Hepburn

First of all, allow me to share my semi-depression over the loss of my beloved long, black locks. After years of wearing long hair, I finally mustered up the courage to have it cut to as short as an inch below my ear! Heck, I thought about it really hard for one week. What made me decide on this? I don't have a concrete answer, honestly. I love my hair so much but I felt that there's something in me that I need to change. Anyway, when I saw the final product, I knew it wasn't half as bad. In fact, I liked it, especially that I also dyed it in copper blonde lol. I hope you won't see it bad either hehe :p

Anyway, enough of sentiments. Let me share to you what I wore today. Perhaps you were thinking that you've already seen this top somewhere in my blog. Yep! This is actually a skirt worn as a tube top. Related post here. I love how you can wear skirts as tube tops and vice versa! And I love how one's style could be so broad and free! You can wear it alone as it is, or you can throw over a blazer or in my case, a military jacket to turn the whole look into a full 360 degrees!

See this lovely bag? Aside from its fun colors and unique structure, it's very versatile too! It comes with 2 straps where you can use it as backpack and a sling bag at the same time! If you're an uncontrollable Instagram shoppaholic like me, go check out Fabu_lust! They have the coolest items that range from bags to ombre shorts to pretty Bangkok tops!


Military jacket ; thrifted
Skirt worn as tube top ; Ifassion Highfashion
shorts ; The Landmark
Necklace ; AI Fashion
Bag ; Fabu_lust

So how are your days going so far pretty ladies? Hope you have a good one!
TFG <3


  1. I just love the bright bold colours! Your hair looks gorgeous as well.

  2. I have quite long hair myself and live themso i know how difficult it is to take the decision to cut them..,
    You look very nice in your new hair cut and color..

    Loved your bag..
    Last day of my Ahai Shopping Giveaway,would love if you can enter
    Keep in touch,