Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Rant/Review on Virtual Styleish Online Shop

This is my first time in attempting to write a review about an online shop. I will be giving you a heads up though, as this post may possibly turn into a rant. Allow me to start now this lengthy speech. 

Unlike most style bloggers who shop at and get sponsored by well known shopping sites such as Romwe, Choies and the like, I only  shop at smaller local online shops. I believe they have the same designs which are up-to-date but you can get them for a bargain price. Well, of course, being the bargain hunter that I am, I patronize them wholeheartedly.

Now this one online shop is one of the many local stores that advertise through FaceBook pages and Instagram. The name is Virtual Styleish. I had been following this shop for quite some time now but it was only this week that I decided to give it a try. I had been drooling over Bangkok fashion lately and apparently, this local store could cater to my cravings as they have the widest range of Bangkok clothes that I have ever seen. The wholesale price is also quite enticing though you will need to purchase at least 6 pieces of clothing to acquire the wholesale price.

Upon seeing the dresses, I immediately placed my orders and sent a Private message to the owner for the invoice. I received her response the following day, which broke my heart. Four of the dresses were sold out. I immediately looked for replacements and placed a new order. Most unfortunately, either the designs or the colors were out of stock. The same scenario went on for about 6 to 7 times and my excitement was slowly turning to frustrations. Nonetheless, I tried to be considerate and understanding. We had been communicating for 3 days. On the third day, I was already able to finalize my orders. I transferred the bank payment first thing in the morning and thought that I was just waiting for a tracking number. Come lunch time, I received a message stating that my Peach romper was no longer available, to which I felt extremely aggravated but, I let it slide thinking it was a day before Christmas. I did tell her I was disappointed knowing I had already paid and the items should have already been reserved to me. I just decided to find a replacement, for the nth time. I felt depressed knowing that none of my original orders had been left. I also did not hear any apologies from her end.

I received my package last December 26. Much to my further disappointment, the 3 dresses I ordered were quite short, they looked like kids' dresses. Should I bend a little, I will turn out to be flashing at someone. The colors and fabric were not quite like the stock photos as well. One of the dresses I received was also of a wrong color. I originally ordered Peach and I got a hot pink dress instead. I liked it though so I could let that one pass. Below are the photos I took of the actual items received versus the stock photos:

I ordered this dress because I thought it looked formal enough to wear to the office and I loved the pastel Peach shade. What I got was this very mini dress of an almost old Rose shade. Even the waist band is almost below my chest. I cannot wear this at all. I don't think I can even wear it as a top. I will most likely sell this.

This dress, in fairness and all, quite looks like the stock photo. Its very pretty especially the ribbon detail on the sleeves and the cobweb detail at the back. I just didn't anticipate it would be so short. I will still be keeping this though.

My original order was the left one, a Peach dress. I got this hot pink dress on the right side. I doubt you can mistake the ordered color since she should be reading my orders. If I had placed the order via phone, I would've understood. NOT.

I honestly did not like the fabric of this top, it was very hot to wear I'd feel sticky if I wore it for half an hour. The garment looks and feels cheap. Plus the zipper detail at the back was not at all nice. I have nothing against exposed-zippers styles but this one definitely looks cheap. Well, you get what you pay for. :/

Now this top was the last from the bunch. It was a replacement supposedly for a peach romper. It quite looks like the stock photo. Although I thought it was made of cotton, turns out to be polyester. I liked the bunny too.

Looks like the stock photo except for the vibrancy of the design. Most un-special, just a shirt for the sake of having an item replaced. It's okay.

The last thing that really bothered me was the torn and crumpled receipt. I almost thought it was garbage. I reviewed the details and realized that the total amount was Php 1,440 whereas the amount I paid was Php 1,460. There was an excess of only Php 20 but still, it is my money and I work hard for every cent. I sent her a message stating I received the items already, and that one of the dresses I got was wrong and that I made an over-payment. The least she could do for me was to ask me how she could refund it back. She responded "Yes you have an excess of Php 20, okay Ma'am". And nothing more. It was unbelievable. 

I would not like at all to rant and swear after all the stress I experienced from them. But I sincerely hope that this shop could learn how to treat their customers properly and provide them with a good service this coming new year. Most definitely, this haul was a mistake and I learned from this incident. This will be my first and last purchase from Virtual Styleish.

Pissed Consumer,

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  1. OMG! that's horrible ang sama namn ng shop na yan sana di nalng cla nagbebenta ng items kung di nila kayang e supply >.< I hope you're doing well sis, c Lord na bahala sa mga taong yan.Just take care in purchasing items online.Mahirap tlga pag online kung minsan.Anyway smile mo lng yan kahit di mo nakuha gusto mo pretty ka pa rin,bongga! hehe

    love lots,