Wednesday, January 8, 2014

[Outfit Post] : Wishing For Autumn ♥

Hello fabulous people! How's the start of your 2014 so far? I sincerely wish you're all doing great! As for me, I am extremely preoccupied at work because of some project I'm working on for my promotion so I might lie low in blogging in the meantime. Nevertheless, I'll try to manage my time as wisely as I can lol. I don't like missing blogging too much :p. 

So anyhow, onto my outfit. As you can see, I rarely wear long sleeved tops with pants because it's just too hot in Manila to wear those 2 pieces together. But it's a bit cooler this time around so I'm making the most out of the remaining cold breeze lol. I wish we have autumn here too :) and look at my sneaker wedge! Boyfriend John gave this to me as a birthday present. I also have one in glittery black, as his Christmas present! Ain't he so sweet?? :D

What do you think? :)

Pull Over; The Closet Scribe
Pants ; Jag
Sneaker Wedge ; S&H Fashion

♥♥ Photos by John Erick Basilan ♥♥

Let me know what you think ♡
Ciao gals!


  1. hey dear!! found your instagram and followed you already :> i love your outfit here. especially the sweater! :> wish you a nice sunday.
    ps: i'm happy about 2014. started quiet nice with many changes! that's a perfect new year start for me :)

  2. Wow, I'am fall in love with your blog, is the best! :))

    Could you click the red banner at the end of this post: ? I would really appreciate it, because I've got a chance to cooperate with them :) Thanks in advance, Kisses! :)) I follow you when you do this, just let me know! :)