Sunday, February 23, 2014

Style Files: Goo Hara of KARA

Hi gals! If you can recall, I have previously featured Nicole Jung of KARA's personal style in this post. Today, Goo Hara of the same top female K-Pop group KARA shall be under The Fabulous Geek's limelight on Style  Files.  I  am  actually  planning to feature all KARA members  and their individual styles one by one, given that I am an avid fan of K-POP  and  K-fashion  at  that.  Well,  at this point in time, who doesn't listen to K-POP or doesn't shop at Asian Wholesale sites? lol.

For  those  who  are  not  quite  familiar with KARA's HARA, (I love saying that), she is, nonetheless, the richest Female K-POP Idol at this time. She likewise  holds  the  title  of  the  Idol  with  the  smallest (read: epic) waistline of all at a mere 22 inches. Barbie, is that you?

My goodness! And I thought my 24 inch waistline is already sexy! lol
So she sings like a song  bird,  she  dances with the grace of the clouds, she act(ed) with Lee Min  Ho (OMG), she graced the Korean Vogue Magazine for 2013 along with dozens of other high street fashion magazines, and she owns her own company. Her style is  unfathomable,  unpredictable:  elegant,  spunky,  sexy,  dainty, she is versatile  in  style  and  in talent. Upon researching more about this Hara girl,  I was astounded how little I have known about her style. She dresses so  well and she looks very pretty and sweet in everything! Be it in casual airport  clothes  or  in  extravagant  dresses  on  the red carpet or press conferences,  Hara carries herself well, with much confidence and intellect that  outright  radiates  within her petite and innocent frame. Allow me to share  to  you  the  versatility  of her fashion. Credits to Vogue Girl Magazine Korea 2013 and Cosmopolitan:

Hara on Trapeze

Winter Hara

Goth Doll Hara

Mannequin Hara

Kawaii Idol Hara

Party Girl Hara

Girl Next Door Hara

Hara ballerina

Ulzzang Hara

Princess Hara

Acid Punk Hara

Trasher Hara

Retro Hara

Sport Chic Hara
If you wish to be updated with Goo Hara's activities, you may visit their Office Forum at

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  2. She is so beautiful and sings well too
    I wish I had that small waistline
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  3. All these pictures are so great! She really can handle so many styles! Definitely not the easiest thing...

    x Aurélie

  4. She is sooo pretty!! I can understand why you look up to her for style advice! xx

  5. she haves a great style! <3


  6. I love how Hara is not only pretty and talented, but she's also very domestic!
    I watched her in several Korean reality shows and continue to be amazed by her cooking and other domestic skills :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

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