Thursday, June 19, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; For The Love Of Lace III (Mint and Mocha) ♥

Good morning from rainy Manila! Hope you're all doing great! I got here at the office one hour earlier than my shift so aside from playing Clash of Clans, might as well post the last installment of "For the Love of Lace" series lol. So of course, I saved the Mint Green for last since it's my favorite among the three. I just go weak at the sight of anything Mint, especially if it's sheer or lacey. I love all of them though ü So anyhow, onto my outfit.

I am literally obsessing right now with kimono blazers, especially the ones in floral and pastel plus Fedora hats. I'm sure it would look better and more Bohemian with floppy hats. Sad to say, I have yet to get one for myself. Surely my mom would raise both eyebrows and shriek, as she always does upon seeing my outfits lol! Anyway, what do you think of this kimono? Isn't this so pretty? The powder blue and mint abstract prints on it are such a beautiful combo and it made the color of my top more Minty!

What do you dolls think of these ribbon shorts? If you remember, I've worn this once in this post, which was sooo last year! I still love it dearly, the ribbon and semi scalopped hem is so girly and dainty! Plus nude bottoms create a good equilibrium against my colorful top and kimono as well.

So let me know what you think of this outfit! I would love to hear from you ♥♥♥ Ciao ~

Shorts ; AI Fashion
Kimono ; Zipora Clothing
Accessories ; AI Fashion
Shoes ; Chelsea


  1. I really like your outfit, mint looks so nice on you
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