Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Splurge VS Save Campaign: Bags Edition ♥

Hello from rainy Manila! I hope everyone is doing great, unlike me who is so fortunately on a week-long vacation but is gloomily stuck at home because of the typhoon. Anyway, that gives me ample time to post this long overdue challenge from the Credit Card Insider! On July first, I was contacted by Erin Ballard to participate in their Splurge VS Save Challenge, to which I readily said Yes! I love this kind of campaigns, especially that my current motto is "Frugality is the best policy", lol! If you would notice, probably 50% of all the outfits I've worn in this blog came from thrift stores. I love everything cheap, price-wise of course. With all the years I had been bargain hunting, I've already mastered the art of thrifting. So here are my picks for the challenge:

1. ) Nude Patent Bag
I had been scouting Nude patent bags for weeks and the only site I've been checking was www.shopstyle.com. I could only drool at the photos and sadly look into my purse and found none. lol! This Mango Quilted Patent Tote here caught my fancy,  I was so heartbroken that I couldn't afford it, not until we went to The Landmark Department Store and I was swimming in an ocean of locally made bags! Check this out:

Not only was the price so overwhelmingly cheap, I loved it! It was so pretty and roomy and I love its Nude shade better than the expensive one. Savings: Php 1,800.00 or $39.13.

2.) Red Quilted bag
Who doesn't love quilted bags? Quilts are too gorgeous and elegant to ignore, especially when you think of the classic Chanel bag. But I can never ever afford that even in my dreams so she's out of the picture. I thought I could settle for the "less expensive" Michael Kors Fulton Red Quilt Tote here. But still, NO. I was thinking of skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner to save money to get that tote (just kidding lol), and good thing I didn't because I spotted myself probably the best-est ever thrift find of my life. Check out below:

Could you believe that? I was randomly browsing clothes at a thrift store when my eyes suddenly went to this weird little red quilt underneath a pile of other bags. My feet brought me unconsciously onto that pile and the next thing I knew, I was at the counter already lol! Savings: Php 24,333.00 or $528.97!!!

So there you have it! I know the post is kind of short and I really wanted to share more. However, my camera broke down so I got to have it fixed first. With or without invites, I will definitely be including this segment from now on. Not only did I enjoy the challenge, it was a fun, learning experience for me as well, and I hope I inspired my dear readers to go thrifting too! Just look at all those savings, I can even get myself a new phone! Let me know what you think!

Love Lots,

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