Thursday, January 22, 2015

[Outfit Post] ; Sweater Weather ♥

The first month of 2015 is almost over, and here I am, just publishing my first post for the year. It's better to be quite delayed than never, as everybody says. I am very fond, to say the least, of December and January. These are the coldest months of the entire year, hopefully goes the same for February, which I highly doubt. Then again, I am thankful that I was given the chance to wear all sorts of knitted pieces. It gave me this ephemeral feeling of autumn, which is not so secretly a dream of mine, as we do not have that here in the tropics. When our temperature falls to 20 degrees, girls flock the malls and online shops to hoard, and I mean HOARD, cardigans and cable knitted sweaters. I guess 20 degrees would feel like summer to most of you, but for us, it's winter wonderland less the snow. 

I got this striped knitted pull over from Shop Foxy Youth Manila on Instagram. I loved that it was oversized but did not look too droopy on my small frame. It was very warm and comfortable to wear, I felt I could do cartwheels on it! I myself hoarded knitted pieces but this particular top, as simple as it may seem, was the apple of my eyes from the bunch. Do you like it as well? :)

If you would notice, I was in the mood to wear something monochromatic. It was because of my hair, which was surprisingly quite rusty blonde in the photos. I loved the shade too much so I decided to wear a more toned-down ensemble to make my crowning glory stand out. I also slept overnight with french braids on so I could achieve that instant mermaid curls when I wake up, given that I do not have the time and budget to get myself a curling iron lol. I definitely loved the effect!

There's my boyfriend in my shades lol

Shop Foxy Youth Manila

Knitted Pull over ; Shop Foxy Youth Manila | Shorts ; random | Sunnies ; Love to Style PH | Backpack ; Tickles PH | Wedges ; SM Parisian Shoes

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  1. What a cute pullover! Love your hair too <3

  2. Cute outfit dear!!!! love that top perfect for cold weather <3

    love lots,

  3. totally loved the laid back and comfy style
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