Monday, October 5, 2015

[Outfit Post] : Last Valentines Day

Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. 
~Author Unknown

It is apparently the first week of October, two and a half months before Christmas and here I am, blogging about Valentines Day. Eight months delayed yes? Well, better late than never. I guess that would be my standard spiel every time I'm having a comeback post from hereon.

So anyway, this was what I wore on Valentines day. Apologies for the super bright background. It looked okay on my phone though. The beauty of the Aquamarine shade of this chunky knitted sweater was not so evident in here but believe me, it looked so pretty and felt so warm and soft when worn. Thank you to Foxy Youth shop for all my one of a kind knitted pieces!

To add a softer, more feminine vibe into this already-delicate look, I donned a 3D rosette top in Cream and a ruffled skorts of the same color. The shade was unexpectedly so put together it looked like a dress. And I absolutely loved how I looked that day. Nevermind the sweat that was starting to build up at my back because of the thickness of the cardigan. For some reason, it was really humid in this mall. Hello Trinoma! Are you aware that your air conditioning system is really bad?

Cardigan; Foxy Youth Shop | 3D Rosette Top ; Kheis Collection
 | Skorts; Frugalista Shop | Wedges ; Sam's Closet PHSM Parisian

Aaaand of course, blog post isn't complete without a selfie from the fiance! How I love calling him that :D A year from how, I'ma call him hubby yiiieeee XD

Love Lots,

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