Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Independence Day

I'm one day late in posting this thematic outfit since we have celebrated our National Independence Day yesterday. But since it's impossible for me to shoot and post (I got work yesterday sheesh I know), I made it up today. Admittedly, I have a lot of primary colored clothes in my closet, which happens to be the color of the Philippine flag; Red, Blue and Yellow. It was difficult for me which to mix and match but after a careful and hurried deliberation, I decided to wear an embellished empire top, yellow jeggings and my blue sandals . I apologize in advance that these photos were not in their best resolution and condition since I was really in a hurry and my photographer (mom!) was hurrying as well, to the kitchen. She was rushing back and forth to cooking and taking my photos. So sorry mom :p Thanks a lot though ^^

This red empire top didn't have sequins when I bought it waaay back in year 2004. Mom and I just saw it in the flee market when we were haunting for a dress to wear on my friend's debut and this was what we found. It didn't look so special at that time but we both had the feeling that it has potential :) We bought bags of red beads and sequins from the nearby shop and have sewn the materials onto the top within an hour. The sequins made it instantly party-ready :>

The yellow jeggings has just been bought recently from a local mall in Caloocan City. I feel in love with the golden yellow tone at first sight and bought it right off. The blue sandals, well, familiar? I recently posted these in this entryAt the SuperSale Bazaar

Left connector ring was also bought at the SuperSale Bazaar while the statement connector ring was bought here: AI Online Shop. Bronze bangles were actually my mom's bought from the flee market :p

Please hype my look if you liked it ^^


  1. Brilliant post!!! :-) Said it before but great blog. Keeps me coming back for more! :-)

    1. hi White list! thank you so so much :D
      yours is great as well ^_^