Thursday, July 5, 2012

Falling in Love with Kitch!

Hello! I know it's been a while since my last post and I sure missed myself a lot :p. For today, I'm going to be your resident food blogger. Or not. I can't even remember the names on the menu. So I guess I'll just post some photos for your appreciation boohoo~! Since it's my first time to post such, I beg you to bear with me and save your criticisms to yourself! XP Nah. Feel free to share your thoughts. Anyhows..

Last June 27, we, the old ET2 (E-mail Team 2) had our last team meeting before the annual team reshuffle. Where to eat has always been the biggest of problems though we always end up somewhere really good :) We decided to hold it @ KITCH CAFE this time. A cozy cafe ala Coffee Prince at the Sunvar Plaza in Legaspi Village, Makati. When we got in, comfy air was edible right at the very doorstep. The first thing I saw was the sweet slice of a Blueberry cheezecake, screaming right into my face. I was craving for it for the longest time and all I wanted to say was "shut up and take my money you effin cheezecake!". (A picture of the Blueberry culprit in a bit).

We went upstairs through this elegant spiral, wooden staircase adorned with Christmas Lights, and I felt every bit princessly. Being the loser that I am, I knew that my jaw was practically on the floor while I was feasting my eyes on the grandness of the place. I absolutely loved it! The floor was of shiny wooden slabs giving off that tiny vexing creeks each time you step onto it and I liked it! lol. There was a huge, super fluffly/squishy cushioned sofa that I so loved. The restroom (says Powder Room on the sign) was cute and cozy. There were artworks and paintings and plates of various designs on the walls. Take a look at these lovelies and see how my beloved team and I were sooo happy :D (Photos care of Patty and Ate Mayfel Lopez)

that effin cheezecake!

and le food!!
I swear you need to try this Cream Dory something. look and tastes gorgeous!
This isn't your ordinary Adobo. It's a Super Adobo!

This smoothie is amazing. Cucumber and was it apple? memory's not reliable sorry :p

the same effin cheezecake
doesn't it make you drool .___,.

And here's us! Missing my sisters :)

The Cast of "Kung Agawin Mo Man Ang Lahat Sa Akin"

of course, me on the royal throne <3

I guess that's about it for now. I wouldn't want to spam you with photos. But I highly recommend the place. Kitch Cafe is perfect for those Candlelit Dinner Dates or even meetings or just plain barkada escapade. The servers are quite friendly and sweet, customer service is 2 thumbs up! You can even shut the place down for your house party! Just give them a ring at least 4 days before your event. 

You'll definitely fall in love with Kitch! ;)

Ja Ne'

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