Saturday, August 4, 2012

Of Thunderstorms and Vintage Dreams

This past week has been terrible. My work schedule is bad, and the weather is worse. I got myself a slight fever due to colds and sore throat, thanks to my mom's medications though now I'm back to my feet and kicking like a horse. Nevertheless, I'm still bored. I couldn't get out as the rain is still there, seemingly not wanting to go away. Looks like its enjoying its job thoroughly. So what's a bored girl to do in the middle of a thunderstormy afternoon? Photoshoot! :D Nah, I did took one shot though. I thought I needed to post here the latest neckpiece and super cool/unique/sassy bracelet I bought from AI Online Shop :)

Dare I go out wearing a black corset top with a splendid golden bling against a thunderstorm? Of course not :p Or maybe I can, with a nice oversized jacket ;p And take a look at my bracelet too. It's so neat, won't you agree? :D

The metal fringes on the bracelet created such a huge drama on this piece. Imagine the bracelet less those fringes and it will definitely look bland even with that huge round orange enamel thing going on.

Well not to mention, that ring. Oh that ring! I absolutely adore it. It does give me some creepy memories though. I remember that particular Masked Rider Black episode where Pearl-embellished necklaces and rings were used by the bad guys to kill innocent people. How? Mutant (or something like that) bees come sprawling through the pearl pendants and bite the owners of those jewelries. I can't recall anymore what was the logic of that episode but it haunted me so bad, I developed a phobia on bees. Why on earth did I ever think about that anyway? lol excuse me. XP

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