Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY: Tassel Necklaces

Tassels and Fringes are everywhere, especially on my Facebook's News Feed :) Their yummy colors and cute twists and twirls are just tempting to hoard! Unfortunately for me, since I'm currently following a super strict budget policy, I don't have the guts and means to buy these really fancy stuff which leaves me feeling a bit left out of fashion boohooo! Good thing that I'm on a week's leave and I spent hours staring and reviewing samples of these tassel necklaces from online accessories stores, which gave me a pretty devious idea and let my half-creative brain function for a while. I have no idea what kind of strings they use in making tassels so I had to have an alternative, a cheaper alternative ^^. YARNS! yey!

Scounting yarn balls at the markets is no daunting task and they're very cheap too. I bought three balls of yarn in Pink, Blue and Red at Php 10 each. I wanted to get Yellow and Orange too, but they weren't available. Though I thought it wouldn't be practical to buy a lot of yarns when you're just about to execute a blueprint. Also, I dived through retasos from my cosplay costumes and a little snip snip here and there, got me a purple spandex, red velvet and black jersey materials which I can use as well. So come and check out the <lame> tassel necklaces I made and if you have time to do this at home, I highly encourage you to do so. Aside from getting to apply your own preferred colors and designs on the necklace or whatever accessories you wish to create, you'll save a lot of moolah too ^_^

Materials Needed (my options)

1. Yarns/Retasos (Cloths)

2. Scissors and thread needle (it helps if you know how to sew) :p

Okay, so the red and purple tassel necklace that I wore here, is the first one I've made. To make the "chain", I've chosen the purple spandex clipping and braided it tightly:

Next, I made the tassels by cutting the red velvet clipping into strips. The length and thickness of each tassel depend on your preferences. Just ensure to stop cutting about half an inch before the edge of the cloth as you will have this sewn onto the braided chain:

cut into strips

it should look like these. Then pull each strip to stretch the cloth.

Sew the edge of the cloth onto the braid. Make sure to use a dark colored thread or, preferable, on the same color wheel :p
and Tadah! it should look like this when worn: (please ignore the background lol)

Other tassel necklaces, some are fringes, can be found below. 

the embellished heart thingy is recycled. It used to be a pendant but the chain got all rusty and broke so I sew it onto a cloth necklace instead :)

Originally, this was a vintage beam necklace but It was so small and doesn't do so much for my outfits so I saw some tassels to it for extra effect!

overlap various lengths of blue and pink yarn for an instant layered neckpiece!

I cut my strings in different lengths. You can cut yours in the same length or whichever way you wish :)

I really find them cute and chic especially the pink and blue combo!
Aside from this being an enjoyable hobby, believe me, it'll salvage your savings for a week :p You can give it a try. It's very easy, and fashionable! :D

Chiao Ladies~