Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hot On My List: Bustier Tops and Kimono Jackets

Whenever I attend Fashion bazaars, corset/bustier tops and dresses are staples in every stall's collection. It's definitely hot in every shopper's eye, and a must have in every shopping basket. Corsets/Bustiers make you feel and look sexy and chic, especially those which have studs and metals. Screams edgy! I'm not immune to this trend's allure as well, and I'm not planning to deny myself with that. I currently have one corset and one midriff bustier top in my wardrobe and I've just placed an order for another floral bustier top. I'm very excited to get the new one. I fell in love with the floral design and the structure. What do you think? :p

I'll probably wear this with my light blue skinnies, pastel yellow blazer and nude wedges. Feels summery! Why not? :p It can also go with a mullet skirt and heels. Gah! I can't wait to get this. 

Second to my list is the super cute and boho-ish Kimono jackets. Being the geek cosplayer/Japanese wannabe that I am, it would be such a shame if I don't own one! Also, I'm such a sucker for everything sheer with abstract/graphic designs. I know both bustier tops and the Kimono jackets are perfect get ups for Summer, how ironic that I'm blogging about them during the rainy season :p Anyway, Kimono Jackets are probably an instant "go to" option for girls of all body types. Whatever your size is, it will surely flatter your body with its featherweight fabric and flowy frame. Some particular pieces I've seen over the net:

Effortlessly stylish. I'm gonna get one soon! :D

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