Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hint of Lime

I've seen this ensemble somewhere, I can't recall whether I've seen it on the web or was shown to me by a friend but anyway, I decided to steal this look in the near future. For one, I think the whole look is quite simple but in a way, it's quite powerful as well. The hints of Lime on the skirt and necklace totally alters the almost-formal look of the boyfriend blazer and black top. A little splash of neon there and it suddenly looks edgy, but sweet, because of the candy-ish lime tone. I can't wait to have an outfit post on this! ♥

Hint of Lime

Ribbed tank top
$19 - sportscraft.com.au

H m jacket
$48 - hm.com

Skater skirt

Zella white socks

Balenciaga handbag

Wrap watch

Triangle jewelry

Circular sunglasses

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