Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bullying Stops Here

I was watching Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho last night and one of their features was about Bullying in Schools. Apparently, school bullying had been "trending" on the news quite recently and it seems that it gets worse and worse every time. Pen stabbing? Gun pointing? Beating to death? It is very morbid to think how today's students could go so far. From grade school, to high school, and to college. And to think college students should have possessed a ripened logic and an understanding heart at this time. True, most bullying issues happen in high school. I know, because I had been there. I had been one of those "pushed-overs" attacked by the more powerful groups, most of the time verbally, however, I had experienced physical bullying as well, every once in a while, back then. And because I was so thin, even skinnier than now, and I was frightened, I had been bullied over and over as I didn't know how to say "enough" or "stop". I let them do that to me because of fear. Anyway, let's not go any further into those gory details because I'm happier now and braver, (and  far beyond successful than all of them). I just feel so bad and pained for these students who had to suffer worse bullying from people who, psychologists claim and insist, have bigger personal problems and tend to release and vent their aggravations through power tripping in schools. This may be the case, for most bullies, then again, I do not think this should be an excuse from doing what they want to do and get away from their mistakes using the said lame excuse. Eventually, the bully wins in the end, discreetly and the bullying resumes until the bullied gets beaten so bad, is killed, or commits suicide. I hope this would stop. Or at least, I hope that the bullied would realize his/her self-worth and learn to stand up, fight back and have the courage to say "Stop". Something I never learned about. I hope and pray that Bullying Stops Here.

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