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Geek Alert: Breaking Dawn Finale [Movies]

Again, let me remind you, I'm not into reviews. The following post would contain all about my thoughts regarding and a lot of scenes in the said movie. And because I am a self-proclaimed die hard Twilighter, you may anticipate all the biasness in the world this entry. If you haven't watched BD2 yet, please do not read this. Go away. I'm telling you, here comes a spoiler. 

So, anyway... :)

A couple of days before the movie release here in the Philippines, I was quite exultant. For one, since it's THE finale, and the movie director was Bill Condon. I was definitely expecting a lot from him and was hoping with all my fingers and toes crossed, that the final movie would give the audience as well as the book readers, that unforgettable ending they/we deserve, before they bid farewell. Aside from that almost glorious feeling, I felt undeniably sad, knowing that there will no longer be another Twilight movie to look forward to next year. So before that happens, and while my chaotic feelings from the recently-watched are yet to fade, allow me to vent all my sentiments in here.

The first half of the movie was, well, predictable, given the fact that I've read Breaking Dawn perhaps for more than 10 times already, and have read it again a week before the movie to ensure that my mind is properly aligned with the plot. The scenes were very faithful to the book that I was even able to mouth their corresponding dialogues poured with the accurate emotions XP. "Nessie?! You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?!!" yep, something like that and more. I was also very much excited for this scene:

look at Kellan Lutz's muscles @__@
So the first half was okay, cute, simple, mellow, all talk like the usual. I was constantly looking at the time, eagerly waiting for that big twist everybody had been talking about on twitter. I have read some tweets, telling to prepare a whole box of tissue, I should've complied to it had I known I would bawl my eye sockets off right after the first hour.

In the book where the Cullens, together with several other covens as allies, face the Volturi with the entire army, the supposed battle did not proceed (which indeed disappointed me), as Alice was able to prove to the Volturi that half human/half vampire beings are not dangerous and would not pose as threats to their own kind, which was the primary issue causing that would-be battle. In some way, the movie had successfully lured me into thinking that was that, except when I finally saw Alice, in a spur of the moment, was already bent on her heels, her slender legs jotted forward against Aro's chest and the next thing I knew, Aro went flying up the sky and was thrown a few yards away from the field. His endless black eyes read death when he finally got up on his feet. The Volturi's guards, Felix and Demetri seized Alice, preparing to decapitate my favorite girl vampire in front of my eyes. I was about to scream as all may hair follicles stood up. My heart was literally going to blast off my chest when I was even more horrified when Carlisle got off his feet, running, no, attacking the Volturi to save Alice. Carlisle and Aro met up the sky and fell to the ground with a deafening thud, and you would see Aro landed on his feet, with a gleam in his eyes, while a blurry figure of Carlisle falls to the ground after a few seconds behind Aro. I knew he must have killed Carlisle, but it was  more horrendous to see when the camera shows Aro's hands, holding Carlisle's head by the hair and he threw it away. Along when Esme screamed, I heard myself cried out and my tears were endlessly rushing down my eyes. Everything after that scene was all chaos. But amidst that battle, you would see that Jasper was likewise decapitated by the siblings Jane and Alec. I guess I had been crying too much, I decided to just cover my eyes with a jacket because it was already unbearable to watch, especially when you know how the story should have turned out. You can see the wolves and all the other vampires plunging into the cliff, that cliff so deep it went straight down to hell.(There was fire under the broken earth so I assumed it was hell). Eventually, when the battle had turned against the side of the Volturi, Aro, Marcus and Caius were all killed. I felt bad for Caius though. He looked really good :)

The Cullens together with the other covens from around the world. Scene before the battle

The Volturi: (from L-R) Caius, Aro and Marcus

few minutes before the fight scene. The covens together with Jacob's pack

Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Ain't she adorable? ♥

The despicable duo: Jane and Alec
(I used to love you Dakota!)

And to conclude, after all the death that transpired, everything went back to reality where you would realize all the stress you felt and tears you let out were almost a waste. The battle was all but Alice's vision which would have occurred should they proceed with killing Renesmee. The vision had been shown to Aro, and along with the arrival of another half human/half vampire creature, all the more proving why their likes should be allowed to live. And as you would know it, all is well that ends well. Everybody went back to where they all came from. Hopefully that ends that. The ending scene was quite touching, where Bella shows Edward a flashback of memories from Twilight to Breaking Dawn, using her shield powers, which I still can't quite get how it was connected to those flashback scenes.

Anyhoo! The Saga is over, at the movies at least. I'm certain I would be watching and reading it again from the start, coz' that's just how much I loved the book. 

You don't need to understand why there are people who love the Twilight Saga :)

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